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  1. Pity. It was a great and potentially very useful post. Save it for the next 'How do we get pub gigs?' thread ... 🙂
  2. Of my 5 guitars, 3 were given to me by my wife (a new Tele, a new Ibanez acoustic bass and an old classical guitar). My ex-wife gave me my other electric, a Casio MIDI guitar which is a beauty. I bought my Ovation myself in the 90s. Seem to have outed myself as a gungy six-string fancier, there 😞
  3. The brilliant Mokoomba from the country of my youth. I was lucky enough to see them at an open air gig at the Chocolate Museum in Cologne last year. Enjoy ... BTW for full disclosure this is not the Cologne gig but something I found on the Tube from a few years ago.
  4. I love this one. Despite being sort of a ska and reggae lover I had never heard it until about a year ago when it came on the radio here in Germany ...
  5. Bondi Heinemann here ... and hasn't anyone identified the chap yet? My curiosity knows no bounds.
  6. Great song. I was just starting high school when I first heard this and it's a real reminder of the 70s. I've even been playing it on the old 6-string recently (don't shoot me, please).
  7. Ashamed as I am to admit to this*, it was Johnny Winter. *not because it was Johnny, but because it was so long ago 😧
  8. On a happier note, an old friend of mine uses one (a Voyage-Air) professionally in the States and is very happy with it. So I guess they vary a bit.
  9. A few bands I like who don't (or who rarely) sing in English: Mokoomba - Tonga (Zimbabwe) Die Toten Hosen - German Fokofpolisiekar - Afrikaans I understand German and Afrikaans but not a word of Tonga.
  10. Not 'tinny' at all, then? 😃
  11. Hi Eddie, check out James Hill. He is a virtuoso on the uke, and writes (and sings) some great songs too. I saw him twice last year at the Shetland Folk Festival, playing with his wife Anne Janelle. There is plenty of his stuff on YouTube.
  12. Yes, I like that version too. Used to play it live back in the 90s. But the Buggles version is hot, too ...
  13. This would be accurate if the people mentioned were Eddo Brandes, Glenn McGrath and Glenn's wife ...
  14. Three which haven't yet been mentioned (I think ...): Jethro Tull - Thick as a brick David Bowie - David Live The Clash - Sandinista
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