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  1. Also on 'Derek and the Dominos in Concert', another great live album (IMO).
  2. Yes, I like the Clash but theirs is not my favourite version of that song.
  3. Did I ever mention the late Lucky Dube? I was lucky enough to see him close-up at an open air gig in Jo'burg in about 1993. I can't find a live video of decent quality, but the audio on this one is OK ...
  4. My late mother-in-law knew him when they worked together at Radio Bremen. He was still known as Hansi Last then.
  5. Great album, the one that got me into Squeeze. I've always liked Placebo and was lucky enough to see them live in Mannheim in about 2002. They were great 🙂
  6. Bryan Adams. I'm not a fan but my ex took me along to see him in Mannheim in about 2002. 3-piece band with Adams on bass.
  7. As is this one ... a Casio PG-310 MIDI guitar that I've had from new since 1992. J.J. Cale played a 380 which had a Floyd-style trem:
  8. Man, I can't believe that he is that old. I am a big admirer despite not being (or having been in the past) in particular a 'country' fan. If anyone has an interest in reading about Willie, I'd recommend his book 'Roll Me up and Smoke Me When I Die' which is a lot of fun. He also features strongly in 'The Improbable Rise of Redneck Rock' which I picked up on my only (so far) trip to Austin, and which I see is now out of print. And I have a t-shirt which my dad bought for me at a Willie gig in North Carolina. A lot of good Highwaymen stuff on YouTube, too.
  9. Yes, people can surprise you sometimes 🙂 That's a good tune. No wonder she liked it.
  10. In 1983 I was a student living in a commune with 4 other students. We were in the habit of listening to loud reggae (Black Uhuru, Jimmy Cliff, Scientist, Third World, Gregory Isaacs and many more) amid clouds of ganja smoke. One day, our neighbour approached us. He was a youngish chap with a wife and young kids, and of conservative demeanour. We were expecting a complaint about the loud music, but instead he accepted a hit or two and produced a cassette tape which included, among other things, this:
  11. I just bought strings from them. Received them in less than 2 days. I am in Germany, though.
  12. I've had 2 of these this week, one identical to @gareth's above, and one a bit different. I've only had one before, several months ago now. The latest ones may be as a result of the 'Data Enrichment Exposure From PDL Customer' breach which showed up on https://haveibeenpwned.com.
  13. Sad news indeed. He was a friend of a friend of mine, who is also a singer-songwriter in that genre and location. The BBC also erroneously reported a few days ago on the 'live' feed that he had died, while he was still alive, before amending the story to remove his name several hours later.
  14. Check this out. A friend sent me this link. (It is safe. I'm using it right now). "Open the following link. You will see the entire earth. There are numerous green spots around the earth. These green dots are local radio stations. Touch the green dot and play the local radio station. It is overwhelming. You can listen to any radio station in the world! Some stations are too good. http://radio.garden/live Technology gone beyond imagination!!!"
  15. How about Pink Floyd?
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