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  1. On a happier note, an old friend of mine uses one (a Voyage-Air) professionally in the States and is very happy with it. So I guess they vary a bit.
  2. A few bands I like who don't (or who rarely) sing in English: Mokoomba - Tonga (Zimbabwe) Die Toten Hosen - German Fokofpolisiekar - Afrikaans I understand German and Afrikaans but not a word of Tonga.
  3. pigface

    Why do Pros use a P Bass...

    Not 'tinny' at all, then? 😃
  4. pigface

    Ukulele albums

    Hi Eddie, check out James Hill. He is a virtuoso on the uke, and writes (and sings) some great songs too. I saw him twice last year at the Shetland Folk Festival, playing with his wife Anne Janelle. There is plenty of his stuff on YouTube.
  5. Yes, I like that version too. Used to play it live back in the 90s. But the Buggles version is hot, too ...
  6. pigface

    Best Heckle

    This would be accurate if the people mentioned were Eddo Brandes, Glenn McGrath and Glenn's wife ...
  7. Three which haven't yet been mentioned (I think ...): Jethro Tull - Thick as a brick David Bowie - David Live The Clash - Sandinista
  8. Hi Karl, Google gave this: http://www.mikehaneytheguitardr.com/. The site is there but of course I have no idea how active it is. FB link, too: https://www.facebook.com/The-Guitar-Doctor-191435240910766/
  9. [quote name='12stringbassist' timestamp='1449031991' post='2920226'] Saxon 1979 supporting Slade. [b]Vardis[/b] 1982 supporting Slade Slade were of course magnificent every time I saw them. Those two support bands got booed off. [/quote] When I first saw this thread, I thought of Vardis. I saw them supporting Hawkwind in Dublin in about 1980 and they were dismal. And loud.
  10. pigface

    Music Memorabilia

    Ticket signed by Al di Meola, and a program from a 1989 gig in Swaziland signed by Eric Clapton. Not a lot, really ...
  11. pigface

    Non-bass forum?

    [quote name='Ajoten' timestamp='1438065910' post='2831233'] Despite being a bassist, I'm looking for a good guitard-related forum based in the UK, and [email protected] if I can find one. Anyone heard tell of such a thing? [/quote] Try this one : http://www.thefretboard.co.uk/
  12. pigface

    Another plagiarism settlement

    [quote name='Annoying Twit' timestamp='1426072274' post='2713968'] The Joe Santriani/Coldplay suit seemed to be based on a chord progression. There's no distinctive melody there that I notice. IMHO the JS piece sounds completely generic, and I think it's very unfair for Coldplay to be found to be in breach of JS's copyright. [/quote] Not quite. A distinctive part of the Coldplay song's melody ('rule the world ...') is identical to phrases in the Satriani tune. In fairness it's only a little bit, so the judgement may or may not have been fair, but in both numbers the disputed phrases are a major part of the music.
  13. pigface

    Canadian Rock

    [quote name='Bilbo' timestamp='1404299681' post='2491244'] music that come out of Canada[/quote] I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Arcade Fire, especially since they just played at Glasto.
  14. pigface

    Goals and Dreams

    [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1356713401' post='1912851'] [font=arial, sans-serif][size=3]"I have been lucky. But it's funny, the harder I've worked, the luckier I've been."[/size][/font] [/quote] Very old quote from Gary Player, although, to be fair, GP may have read it somewhere too.