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  1. that looks something very beyond great. regardless of the reason, it's the right color. are the frets filed smooth or was it done as a lined fretless?
  2. from my ebay observations going back a looong time, UK people regularily get VC's - although it might be more guitars than basses. other users included the duranduran guy, the bowie hero's guy, the bebop deluxe guitar player, and an irish guitar lord. google is an amazing thing. yes, yours is lovely, and Harvey & Joe are both very helpful people.
  3. VERY nice - I've got some VC's, and have had a chance to play a current Veillette 12 (guitar) as well, which was stunning in every way. so I'm quite sure you are not overstating your satisfaction.
  4. unfaithful rewrite of "I Put a Spell on You", on the link below. it's voodoo, child. there ain't nothing you can do.
  5. at7's have less gain than an ax7, au7's have far less. so even when pushed there may be less distortion than an ax7 at lower settings. slightly different voltages as well. I'd expect an at7 in V1 and as driver would yeild a "better" result than an au7, but as with all things of this nature, it is a matter of taste. generally I don't think it is worthwhile/better, but it would depend on the amp & ears involved.
  6. for about the price of a JJ you should be able to pick up RFT's which are pretty darn nice. read the comparisons at www.watfordvalves.com
  7. a 12at7 would likely do the same thing with less drop in volume. might not matter so much in a 400.
  8. WWHHHAATTT!!?? the tubes have a designation - pre and power - and any that match that designation are acceptable. most people prefer new old tubes of European/UK/US manufacture. "genuine mesa" tubes would have been made by someone else, with their name printed on the glass.
  9. I'm not addicted - but the vox custom fit's right in with my alembic and veillette - citrons. it is a really nice bass.
  10. aah, when you click on "custom" you get a pic of sheehan with my bass. and english translation too. not that I can't don't the gist of the french, je suis beceaup francais parlait
  11. you "here" link opens to my vox bass. Ok, not mine, but that's what i've got.
  12. hmm, my matso-vox is a different animal all together, including the headstock which is "traditional" vox.
  13. hmm, my matso-vox is a different animal all together, including the headstock which is "traditional" vox.
  14. the "non-descript" ones are the good ones, although they aren't considered real voxes because they were made in Japan instead of Italy I have a Vox custom neck through - Billy Sheehan apparently had one for a while (gift from bandmates) but it now resides in one of those hard rock cafes. quite like an Aria SB, also from matsumoku.
  15. that's not self-promotion, that is a Public Service Announcement.
  16. "results in a blown fuse" it could also result in a blown transformer.
  17. as you may have deduced by not smoking your amp running an 8 ohm cab, valve heads are typically OK seeing a slighly higher load than expected - and not so happy with a lower than expected load. severe mismatches in either directions can cause severe problems. as noted, twice the watts will go to the lower load cab, so make sure those speakers are up to the task and unless the other speaker is more efficient - don't expect to hear it much. 2.6 ohms, use the 2 ohm setting. BUT for all the reaons everyone has noted, you and the amp would be way better off with matched impedance.
  18. "a good sovtek one" that's an oxymoron. assuming this is a 12ax7/ecc83, if you want to warm it up some, a mullard/brimer/amperex would likely help. if you are after a bit less breakup maybe an RFT or Telefunken.
  19. there was something else in it with a real deep baritone - voice. cool tune.
  20. it is a brilliant song - there's a couple more in there too.
  21. please note I said "for many". one has to recognise this - even if, like you and I, it's not what we prefer. I'll tell you what I can't stand - ampegs with 8x10's. I sure hate being told I should get one.
  22. we didn't have electric bass guitars in 1927, so the "issues" in this context weren't really recognized until the excitement of a P-bass through a bassman faded a bit and the limitations noticed. still, for many, the fender/fender combination is IT and is unbeatable - because that is what this contraption is supposed to sound like - technically right or not.
  23. it is perhaps worth noting that all these problems were recognised waaay back, which is why Pink Floyd worked with WEM on their early stage set up, and as someone might have mentioned, Alembic was created. the Rickenbacker 4x12 from '69 is a large trapezoid, bottom two speakers vertical and the top two horizontal in the wider portion. I think the easily transported smaller boxes won out at least partially because of the improvements in PA's. if you are not sticking a mic in front of one speaker then it's balancing transport size with sound quality. and if you are .... or maybe it's visual image/sounds just like whoever,. which seems to be very important in the vox/marshall markets.
  24. "which is worse, the combing or the beaming" doesn't much matter, as people seem to like that sound for whatever reason. of course if you are going to stick a mic in front of it, you'll want the PA as technically perfect as possible in order to replicate the agreeable but less than perefect soundsource as accurately as possible.
  25. tap dancers don't buy amps with, or record with ..... reverb? quite obviously things like room sound that some people find desireable as it adds dimension are extremely upsetting to certain others. on another thread someone used the term "musicianal". maybe it applies here as well.
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