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    sold my LM2 to patrick, fast payment and quick email answer. great transaction. cheers patrick
  2. I am selling those bits and pieces as they take too much space. I bought most of them for projects i never even started so everything practically brand new. To make it easier i made sets rather than selling everything separately. The figure at the end of the item description is the number of item in the set [b]SET 1 – Cables and connector – £47 / 55 euros[/b] NEUTRIK NYS225L, 6,3mm Jack plug, 2-pole, with large shell for speaker cable. With large cable outlet Diameter 9mm 6 NEUTRIK NP 2 X - unbalanced 1/4" jack plug with strain relief boot. Suitable for cables with 4-7mm outside diameter. 3 Mono jack plugs 4 Neutrik NC 3FX , XLR connector, female, silver metall housing 1 NL2FC Speakon plug, 2 pins 1 NL4FC Speakon plug, Current rating 30 A rms continuous, Reliable and robust, easy and fast to assemble Cable strain relief for 5 - 15 mm cable O.D. 1 Heavy duty speaker cable / 2 wires 3.6 Heavy speaker cable + 2 neutrick NP2X jack 1 Long patch cable + 2 neutrick NP2X jack 3 6 short patch cables, 6 different colors 1 [b]SET 2 – Rack elements and accessories – £ 30 / 35 euros[/b] Adam Hall 5410BLK Rack Screw - M6 x 16mm. Colour: Black + ADAM HALL 5620 Plastic washer recessed black 26 Adam Hall 5410BLK Rack Screw - M6 x 12mm. Colour: Black + ADAM HALL 5620 Plastic washer recessed black 24 ADAM HALL 5650 - cage nut for 6150 aluminium rack strip. 17 Thon steel rack cover - dimensions: 19" x 2U. Colour: Black. 2 Small Flashlights 2 [b]SET 3 – Flightace and speaker parts - £25 / 30 euros[/b] punched plate for two universal jack socket 1 Adam Hall 4111 Small Ball 3-Leg Corner Piece for Flightcase etc - one fixing hole per leg, 1.2mm Steel, zinc plated, Fixing hole diameter: 4.2mm. 8 ADAM HALL 4023 - 1mm steel cabinet corner with cutaway, 2 legs, nickel plated. Fixing holes: 4.2mm. Weight: 17g 8 Adam Hall 4072 - small plastic cabinet corner, stackable, 6mm internal radius, 3.5mm countersunk fixing holes. Colour: Black 8 speaker clamp, plastic, black for 10" and 12" speakers, weight 10g 5 Kluson Jack Socket - mono, German silver contact springs, thick black Pertinax insulating washers, ultra firm riveting. 5 Adam Hall 5312 Impact nut M6 20 OTHERS Mic Sennheiser E815 s >> £25 / 30euros Headset Sennheiser PMX70 and MX 75 >> £17 / 20 euros
  3. hi all i m waiting for the money transfer. If it doesn work out i ll update the topic cheers :-)
  4. Hi all I m selling my Markbass LM2. It is brand new and never left the house( not even for practice). It's still under warranty until 02/20011 ( got the receipt to prove it.) full transitor head 2.9 kg 500 watts at 4 ohms 300 watts at 8 ohms My price: 350 GBP Im selling it because i just stopped playing bass to focus on other project so get yourself a bargain. I ll put with it the power chord and a speaker cable too. to contact me directly guillaumedrapier (at) gmail (dot) com cheers Guillaume
  5. Hi all I am selling this[b] ADAMOVIC supernova 6 strings[/b] which was build for me 4 years ago so I am the first owner. I am selling/trading it because I m going back to 4 strings. I am playing mainly straight forward stuff and can t justify the use of so many strings anymore. [b]ADAMOVIC webiste >> [url="http://www.adamovic.nl"]ici[/url] My bass' page on the website >> [url="http://www.adamovic.nl/1B/Basses/SuperNova/SN5.htm"]la[/url][/b] It is an amazing instrument with a very warm sound and lot of growl. Also very versatile with the EQ and switches. Great finishes and in superb condition, i gigged it 3 times and used it only in studio or at home. I can't see any scratches or dings. The knobs are: volume and 3 band EQ, Switches are: Active/passive and single/double coil [b]Specs :[/b] [b]Body [/b] Body wood: Walnut Top wood: Burled teak Veneer: Maple Knobs Ebony pick-ups cover: Ebony [b]Electronics[/b] Pick-ups: Heaussel / Adamovic Bassbar Electronics: Noll 2-way Pu -mode Series/singlecoil/parallel switch [b]Shape: [/b] X-ergo back shaping [b]Neck[/b] Main neck wood: Wenge Secondary wood: Hard Maple Fingerboard: ebony Nut: Ebony [b]Hardware[/b] Bridge: Hipshot style A-style 3-way adjustable Tuners: Hipshot Ultralites Jack: Neutrik locking 1/4 " jack [b]Scale length:[/b] 34" [b]Weight:[/b] 4.7 kg [b]Finish:[/b] Catalyzed oil Regarding a Swap i am after a 4 strings ( maybe 5...): Musicman (Stingray / sabre) Spector, Old Bc Rich, Sandberg ... but i am open to offers. For info i am playing mainly power rock and metal stuff. I am also looking for a new amp: Sansamp RBI, ADA MB1, Nice power amp, Mesa stuff, Old trace elliot (with tubes maybe) and nice cabs ( 10 12 15) [b]Price: 1900 euros ( 1660 GBP) [/b] The bass is in Paris but I am coming to London from time to time to see the wife A bientôt
  6. hi all it does break my heart in two but i have to sell this beauty which i actually virtually never used. It is basically new I m finishing my degree and I am mega gutted so this has to go as I am not playing anymore anyway. Drop me a PM, open to offers item located in London cheers gui
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    tuner sold comp still there now sold to finance the rebuild of an old raleigh racing bike into a single speed black cab dodger monster :-) bump
  8. is it me or it s the most viewed topic in the basschat marketplace ever now ? .... have a bump
  9. thx for all the comments. that helps me quite a lot :-)
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  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. hi there I m wondering if a HIWATT PA 200 DR203 could make a good bass amp ? It s a 200watt all tube PA head from the 70's ( i think) I m looking to buy a tube amp and in many topics in the forum it is said that old PA head are pretty good ( with maybe some mods to do) what do you think and how much do you think it is reasonable to spend for one of them ? cheers
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