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  1. [quote name='iamtheelvy' timestamp='1426085946' post='2714195'] Great guys! Really, really helpful and not at all pushy! [/quote] They are indeed, met them at the Birmingham show where I got chance to gave a good nose at the Multiamp presets ( amazing piece of gear) and saw them at London but didn't get chance to see what other goodies they had :-)
  2. Yolanda Charles has just been added to Sunday morning and she's bringing Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris and Italian bass/keys monster Federico Malaman :-)
  3. [quote name='Mr Fretbuzz' timestamp='1425500857' post='2708012'] I'll be up for the weekend.. See you there Alun. Getting the train from port talbot Saturday 6.18 am. Make sure I don't start buying basses again lol [/quote] Ha ha, you'll only sell it anyway ;-) See you there!
  4. Strange but true... The show have sent an email out advertising Billy Sheehan's masterclass at Yamaha London on Friday 6th and saying if you can't make it, he'll be at the show both days. Now I'm not a marketing guru, but surely advertising a cheaper way of seeing him and offering your event as almost a consolation prize is a bit odd :-/
  5. I've been using a Traveler 210 for some time, must be seven or eight years I think, and a Little Mark II ( although lately that's been replaces by a Warwick LWA1000). Great little rig, plenty loud enough for most gigs as on bigger stages the bass is in the PA and your amp is effectively a monitor anyway :-) The fact it doesn't pump huge amounts of low end out also makes sound engineers in such situations much happier!
  6. I'll be around both days, probably shuffling between the two stages so I don't miss anything as usual :-) Saturday The Greek Timmo BassAgent (w/ Fender '66 Jazz) BruceBass3901 Sibob CamdenRob [?] Bluejay Alun Sunday Bobthedog obbm Bluejay Alun
  7. [quote name='pierreganseman' timestamp='1424695761' post='2699182'] in my opinion no. Squire VM do sound awesome for the price and more than do a fine job. Of course it is just and only me. [/quote] I'd agree, I have one of the first run of 4 strings, and one of the newer 5 strings and they are fantastic basses. The 5 is my main gigging bass for functions, blues, rock, etc. Absolutely love them :-)
  8. [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1424712258' post='2699480'] Sweet, didn't see Jah last time, so looking forward to it! [/quote] He was brilliant, obviously a great player but really funny and down to earth too.
  9. Jah Wobble is masterclassing on the Saturday :-) Part of me thinks " aaand another player who's been there before" but he was very entertaining last time so looking forward to seeing him :-)
  10. [quote name='bootleg' timestamp='1424457043' post='2696591'] Always great to make those discoveries yourself. After 30 years of playing I'm still learning (and trying to unlearn some bad habits). I find I can practise at home on my own with the light touch, playing faster and smoother, good tone, but as soon as I'm with the band I am back to digging in to be heard. I've tried turning up the amp but find it hard to control dynamics. Am I missing a compressor in my life? [/quote] I took a bit of an extreme approach to controlling how hard I play live- set a compressor to severely squish your sound right down if you play too hard. That way when you play too hard your volume actually drops and you have to lighten up to be heard :-)
  11. [quote name='anaxcrosswords' timestamp='1423581286' post='2686590'] Drummer Bill Bruford writes: "[i]Surprise, attack, understate, or overstate, but whatever you do, avoid the two cardinal sins of being either boring or predictable[/i]." Seriously? OK, Bill, can I just point out a few things? In a band you have something called the rhythm section, which comprises drums and bass guitar. These combine to form the backbone of the band’s sound and, as such, they should work together – each should know precisely what the other is going to do, otherwise it can get messy. You may be thinking, Sir Bruford, that you can combine mahooooosive ego and chosen instrument and that these will produce a God before whom all should kneel in worship. But no – that is the guitarist’s job. [/quote] It depends on the style of music, it's not really about ego. In jazz and prog, where he generally resides ( or resided as I think he's retired from live work) this is exactly the approach. It wouldn't work in all contexts but in that world it does, while still meeting the fundamental rhythm section role.
  12. I used half wounds for a while which sounded nearly as bright as round wounds but with hardly any noise. Lately though I've been using rounds and have been investigating techniques that reduce the squeak. There are a few acoustic and classical guitar lessons if you rummage round YouTube that offer solutions, some more practical than others. The best thing I've found so far is to angle the finger slightly as you slide so your sliding on softer skin rather than the callus.
  13. [quote name='AndyTravis' timestamp='1423527458' post='2686075'] Got the sweeper. Impressed. More so than with the bassballs I had for a few days. It doesn't dip in volume like the BB when engaged, and there's much more adjustment to be had. It's had Velcro tape put on the bottom, so it's staying. Does the job I need it to and to my mind, offers much more than the nano bassballs. [/quote] Did you notice any hum with it? Not sure if the one I tried was just a dodgy one/ the shop mains was noisy.
  14. Ethan Farmer added on the Sunday :-) "Working with some of the biggest stars in the business, like Lionel Richie, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys and many more, Ethan will offer LBGS visitors an insight into how to become one of the coolest bass players in the industry and the chance to see his incredible talent and bass-style in person."
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