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  1. The wider spacings are usually on the models with the big oval inlays on the fretboard I think.
  2. Davos


    [quote name='danbowskill' timestamp='1408392731' post='2529798'] That blazer looks lovely :-) [/quote] Thanks. I sometimes think about selling it then i play it for a bit and quickly change my mind again. [quote name='theyellowcar' timestamp='1408481190' post='2530680'] I've been after a Sonic Blue CV for ages! Very cool. [/quote] Thanks. Been thinking about a tort pickguard for a while. Might do that soon.
  3. Davos


    Here's mine. CIJ, Squier classic vibe and an Ibby Blazer. [attachment=169282:Pic 1 002.JPG]
  4. Bought a precision bass from Terry. A pleasure to deal with throughout. Dave
  5. I like that a lot. Pity its not closer to me or I would have bought it.
  6. I've got one exactly like that but not in as good condition! Cracking basses.
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