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  1. Could I get some help from you ladies and gentlemen? Mr John Otway has decided to record his new album at George Martins derelict music studio on the island of Montserrat in September. The fact that it was destroyed first by the volcano and then by a hurricane seems not to be discouraging him from this idea. As his bass player, it appears I will be forced to accompany him, stay in Mr Martins house, record lots of music and drink copiously. I think the sea may be quite close? It has been pointed out that getting my flightcased Mesa Boogie rig in the little turbo prop that flies to the island may be logistically difficult, so I am looking for an alternative for recording. I was thinking of getting a Sansamp Para Driver V2. It seems to have 2 outputs to record dry for post EQ and a reasonable valve preamp emulation and I wondered if anyone had experience recording with one of these, or any other ideas on what I could take? I will be taking my Musicman Sterling Bass and usually play through a MesaBoogie Carbine M6, 1X15, 2X12 cabs with no effects as I like a fast attack amp. I’m a bit fiddly. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  2. Orchestras tend to play on the beat as do choirs and that’s why when they try to branch out and do a “popular” piece, it sounds so sanitised. All of the feel gets drained out and it drives me mental. I find people who trained in Orchestras tend not to get this concept as they have had feel and improvisation kicked out of them for obvious reasons. Playing around the beat is where most of the feel comes from. It’s not pretentious, it’s called music.
  3. [size=5]Bass solos......[/size] [b][color=#ff0000][size=8]DON'T![/size][/color][/b] [size=5]Hope that helps.[/size]
  4. The decision for me is carefully wiping down my strings and guitar, using some fast fret then casing it straight away, or putting it on the stand, getting another beer and talking to girls. Unlike the artist formally known as the artist formally known as Prince, as much as I love my guitar, I like girls and beer more.
  5. I run a Mesa Boogie Carbine M6 with two 600Watt cabs, a 1X15 and a 2X12. Fine for our larger gigs and the clarity is fantastic. For the smaller gigs however, I’m lucky to get the main gain to 1. The only time I tried to run it with the preamp and power amp at 12 o’clock, the sound pressure removed the rest of the band from the stage. If any young pup thinks he can break that, he’s welcome to try.
  6. Studio 1 they forgot to mention is where the great John Otway recorded “House of the Rising Sun” the B side of his hit “Bunsen burner” with a 1000 piece choir. They were all very well behaved and only got hammered later in the day at the Astoria…… except for one or two, obviously.
  7. Truckstop said it. If you want to improve quickly, you gig. It gives you a focus to prepare for the gig regardless. You will MAKE time, plus you learn to think on your feet ‘cos you have to on a stage, plus you learn to play with other musicians, stage craft, gets you out of the house, adrenaline buzz is beautiful, etc, etc. You will learn 10 times faster and more on a stage than in your bedroom. :-)
  8. We played a lovely restaurant/gig called the Crooked Billet in Stoke Row nr Henley-on-Thames. It’s just money around there. The restaurant is wonderful and people like George Harrison and Gary Moore would turn up to eat and end up playing. They lived close. We had waited for the afternoon service to finish and were loading in. This lovely but old woman walked up to us and asked politely if we were playing that evening as she may come along. I and the guitarist explained that we were but it would be a bit loud. She just seemed to smile at us. We finished our chat with her and as she left the owner came over with a large smile on his face having overheard the conversation. “You don’t know who you’ve just been talking to, do you?” he said. “No.” …………we said. “That’s Jimmy Pages mum”…………he said.
  9. [size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]Ha Ha Ha[/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif]Ernie Ball super slinky 45 – 100[/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif]Just feel right on my bass. I tried different strings for about 2 years until I tried these and have not changed since.[/font][/size]
  10. Yep, strings. I replace mine every 3 gigs. Bit excessive but the E goes dull and I loose some top end. This is not for the benefit of the audience, I spent enough cash on my Mesa Boogie Carbine M6 rig I want to hear it sing!!!!!
  11. [indent=1]No one can tell me my MM sterling is not one of the best bases in the world ‘cos it is………….for me. It fits my style of play. I am far too busy as I come from guitar so it’s a fast, small neck for me. I always wanted a Rickenbacker so eventually purchased a 4003 and hated it as the neck is too wide for me.[/indent] [indent=1]I know bass players that have hands like dockers and wouldn’t understand finesse ( or timing ) if it kicked them in the nuts. They play basses with necks like tree trunks but that’s what they like.[/indent] [indent=1]Horses for courses, everyone has an opinion and they’re all correct….. for them.[/indent] [indent=1]All that counts is they engage in discourse with a smile. If that’s missing, GAME ON![/indent]
  12. Anyone else got crap Christmas singles? Otway made us do this.................... [media]http://youtu.be/hkn1hV5-ZVI[/media] .....and then did this himself. [media]http://youtu.be/tTqY9izDIwk[/media] Hmmmm................... :-) SeymourFluid
  13. That't really strange because every time I listen to a justin bieber song I feel sick. Is that the same?
  14. He likes the step ladder. Wasn't allowed on the stage though. Health and safety apparently.
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