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  1. My ex. A real beast, the most comfortable bass I've ever had. If if had the cash, i would be all over it. You can't go wrong with W&T and especially with this one, good luck with your sale.
  2. Hello, I'm selling/Trading two Japanese made basses: Bacchus Standard 4: Handmade in Aska Factory Japan in 2006, Ash body, Maple neck and Ebony fretboard with block inlays, 21 frets. The original Pups have been replaced with SD Antiquity, it has an Aguilar preamp instead of the original 2 band Bartolini, the tuners have also been replaced for Fender ones. Finally i've put a ramp which is removable of course. Controls are Vol (Pass/Act push pull)/Bal/Med (Push/Pull for med freq)/Bass/treble stacked).The oil finish is pretty fragile on these basses so it has the usual scratches(on the back and the upper right corner). Weight is somewhere near 4,2 kg. Padded Bacchus gigbag and a strap with straplocks are included. Pics: Soundclips: [u][url="http://soundcloud.com/nizar82/nizar-chevalet"]http://soundcloud.co.../nizar-chevalet[/url][/u] [url="http://soundcloud.com/nizar82/nizar-grooooovy-pb"]http://soundcloud.co...ar-grooooovy-pb[/url] [url="http://soundcloud.com/nizar82/nizar-slap-1"]http://soundcloud.co...82/nizar-slap-1[/url] (Bridge pup, Neck pup and both, all with flat eq) [url="http://soundcloud.com/nizar82/nizar-slap-boost"]http://soundcloud.co...izar-slap-boost[/url] Both pups bass and treble slightly boosted [url="http://soundcloud.com/nizar82/nizar-ya-man"]http://soundcloud.co...82/nizar-ya-man[/url] Both pups, bass maxed no treble or mediums. (please let me know if the soundclips are not working, i failed to put the direct link, help would be appreciated ) Aria Pro II SB Elite-I Matsumoko made in 1983, this is a factory fretless. Maple neck through an Ash body, rosewood fretboard 24 "frets". The pearl White finish and the gold hardware are specific to the Elite-I Series. The original Pup have been replaced with a Delano.Controls are Vol/Tone and Serie/Parallel switch. Weight is 4,4 kg.It have some scratches and dings wich is pretty normal for a 30 years bass that have been played, still in great shape though. Thunderous E string , lots of mwah and dynamics. Comes with a Fender gigbag. Pics: Both basses have just had a global chek up at the luthier, they are located near Paris France. I'm asking 850 € for the Bacchus and 450 € for the Aria, + PP. Trade wise, i'm only after a modern 5 stringer. I've bought and traded basses in BC, here's my feedback : [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/130127-basshole/page__p__1481296__hl__basshole__fromsearch__1#entry1481296"]http://basschat.co.u..._1#entry1481296[/url] Do not hesitate if you have any question. That's all folks!
  3. I second that, plus this one is a true beauty. Totally worth the price(and then some) Good luck with the sale !
  4. Traded a bass with typhus, very communicative, easy to deal with . He even sent his bass before i send mine even if i didn't ask for so much One of the best out here in my opinion. Cheers Jesse!
  5. Top notch bass, and very cool guy Deal with confidence!
  6. I guess there is a happy bass player in Finland now
  7. Snow White in person...i would so like to be a dwarf right now ...
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