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  1. Thanks, Tybass! Still vertical stackability -or solutions in that respect-is the least important factor in my list. Hasn'y anybody tried /heard/compared botn cabs? I've read comments saying that, unlike other Markbass cabs, the NY122 Ninja doesn't get boxy, honky or muddy. I can vouch for that. I can assure you you get lots of low end+clarity, pretty neutral in the mids, sensitive to how you eq them. This is why I consider the post subject a difficult decision:. it all comes down to improving what's already excellent!. Bergs shuld be really somthing reaaaaaaaally special to pull the trigger on them.
  2. Sturdy they are, Binky! And I'm starting to think It might not be woth to change...πŸ˜•
  3. Sure I can, but the whole thing feels sort of flimsy to me because of the cabs' being so slim!
  4. I am based in Spain, no dealers here, so no way I can try them out in person😞 No other MB NT122 Ninja users for impressions or direct comparison with the Bergs?
  5. Thanks for the replies! As I stated in my initial post, "better" tone is the main thing. I assume my current rig already has a "good" tone. Other reasons+GAS should be subsidiary, but they add to the whole picture. I can see your point, fleabag, but cats usually have four legs and slappers play no 18" cone cabs...see mine?πŸ˜‰ Berg HDN series is said to be an effort to follow up the discontinued HD range which , as Sparky confirms, has a reputation for being gorgeous in tone.That's exactly what I find tempting!!
  6. Hi, everyone! My current amp setup consists in: Ampeg svt iiP Preamp > Quilter Bass Block 800 > 2 Markbass NY122 Ninja (Richard Bona signature) cabs. It is an amazing stack. I have to say that I have been fully satisfied in he last two years. Still... The bug has bitten me to change the 2x 2 12" cab stack for another with two Bergantino HDN210s. Reason woudld be Downsizing. Reducing 7 Kilos (3,5 per cab) in my modular setup. Stacking the Bergs vertically would provide a taller, closer to the ear hearing onstage. Last , but most important, improving tone: I miss the velvety, full but clear quality of my former Berg HD112ht+HD112ex stack. What are your thoughts? Would my tone be more focused, with the quicker respose of 10" cones? Would I sacrifice bottom when parting with a 4x12incher combo? Would I lose or gain mids and sound more or less present in a band contest? Am I splitting hairs?... I play all sorts of music, mainly rock/blues/soul oriented stuff, 30% slap. Mostly Jazz Basses and also fretless. Ampwise I'm one of those thousand persuing the light, portable SVT unicorn. Cab gurus, have your say, please!!!
  7. [quote name='VTypeV4' timestamp='1483964887' post='3211416'] Nice one, fella! [/quote] Thanx, V!!!
  8. My Twin Valve head arrived the morning of Dec the 51st, that was three days in advance. Cosmetic state is alright. just a bit grimey, but nothing that could not be sorted out with a slightly damp cloth and some elbow grease. No bumps or dents, just the expected swirls from age and normal use, not even scratches. I already knew from the seller pics that two of the EQ slider tips and caps were missing, but I have already ordered 4 new sliders from an american website (funny, isn't it) called [url="http://www.britishaudioservice.com/product-page/3246761641"]http://www.britishau...page/3246761641[/url] I also ordered some Series Six knobs for the sliders, but they are white, not black like the originals. I may get some black Strat pickup selector plastic tips to keep it in accordance with the original aesthetics, but that is a minor point I will see to later on. The head wighs 13 Kilos. This is one Kilo less than my former Ashdown ABM 500 EVOII, which is perfectly alright for an all-valve head. Bear in mind that the lightest all-tube head I know of is the Mesa Boogie Prodigy Bass Four 88, that comes at 13 Kilos in a lunchbox format and pumps 250 Watts, but an Ampeg V4b that is powered at 100 Watts and weighs over 18 Kgrs. The Twin Valveis built like a rhino. it is easily carried by two sturdy sleel handles that feel steady and reliable. I will shortly have an enclosed cover made by Hotcoves, in the UK. here are some pcs from the seller. ill post better ones when I take my camera along sometime: [b]Fancy an expresso? He he!![/b] [url="https://flic.kr/p/PLwVGU"][/url] [url="https://flic.kr/p/PPi9k8"][/url] One of the extras this unit brings about is a switchable fan . The switch is placed at the back of the head. On wading through forums about the Twin Valve, I read that it gets hot from use, so I found this was really handy as the heat issue proved to be true. Trouble is that it is fairly noisy. I am not picky in this respect, but I might replace it in the near future with some of the modern and more silent computer fans existinting now. Now, the sound. I only had the chance to test is alone at the rehearsal room. My heart sort of faltered when I switched from standby to on and I heard no sound but the fan's. Breath returned when I gradually started getting sound after a few seconds. I tuned the EQ section on the GP7 graphic the following way: Flat at 50 Hrzs, a slight boost at 100 and 230 Hrzs, flat again at 500, +3 decibels at 1 and 2 Khrzs and flat at the top high frequency and started to play on my Sire V7 with the master pot at 1. The sound is clean but thick, pushy, warm and authoritive. Using the passive imput, I could get clean headroom as far as 9 (will use 0 to10 scale for pot positions), then it started breaking up in a velvety way, but do not expect hairy overdriven sounds form it. As I started turning up the master windows and drums started to rattle at 3. I do have to say that this thing is loud! Could not turn it past 5,5. Still that can be misleadin when playing alone, and I will have to check out power and volume when the rest of the band is present. The tone from this head seems to be exactly what I was seeking. Creamy, air-moving clarity; definition with warmth. Switching patches from SVT to slap on my Zoom B3 made my bass keep the pace in both situtions without sweating at all. I got the thump and weight note in the first case (quick enough in fast, tight notes passages), and the snap without harshness in the second (highs never got shrill). I have the impression that sound tends to be a bit scooped for some tastes, but I get as many mids as I want from tweaking the basses preamp or the B3's EQ. It' was just the versatitlity I was pursuing All in all I could expect no more from a first contact, and I can't wait to test the head in a band context. Hope this helps!
  9. Thanks, folks! ETA for my Twin Valve is Jna, 3rd !!!
  10. I will...it might need retubing. Has anyone run kt88s on his?
  11. Thanks a lot, everyone! I have decided to give it a go!!!
  12. [quote name='VTypeV4' timestamp='1434986028' post='2804429'] Overview: Part of Trace Elliots' late '80e early '90s series six range of Valve bass guitar amplifiers. This is the baby one which came in two versions, a head and a 1x15" combo with the GP7 pre-amp. Twin valve refers to it's dual 6550 output valves which make an apparent 115w RMS whilst the larger models in the range were Quattra and Hexa Valve sport 4 tubes (220w) and 6 (300w+) respectively. These larger models (available as head only) also feature the larger and heavier featured GP12 pre-amp. All are easilly identified from the SS models by having a brushed look panels and black writing opposed to the usual grey / bright green livery. Features: Front: The pre-amp is almost the same as the Series 6 GP7 version wit the omission of a balanced XLR direct out although I have seen some with this included. From left to right we have an input gain and overload indicator, separate jack inputs for both active and passive guitars and the classic Trace 'pre-shape' EQ button. Towards the middle is a switch in/out for the graphic EQ and the EQ itself which looks to have a longer fader travel than current models. Further over still is an array of jack sockets, the first pair are the FX loop send / return, the second pair are Line in / out and lastly a head-phone socket. The final controls are the master volume and standby switch on the far right of the panel. The only other thing on the front are the power / standby indicators although they're labelled as 'Pre-amp' and 'Power amp'. Rear: A rocker switch chooses between 4 and 8 ohm total load with two outputs. One is XLR (they loved this didn't they?) and the other jack although the jack is used for the internal 8 ohm speaker. Lastly there's an on / off switch and two fuse sockets for the mains and HT supplies. All in all, it's quite simple for a Trace (have a look at a fully fledged GP12SMX or 600SMX if you want lots of options) but for me it's a case of 'set and forget' and adjust the master volume to suit. Sound Quality: It was love at first plonk! I borrowed it from a friend who was looking to sell but from that first note, it was gonna be mine before we'd even discussed monies. Oh dear.. Considering it's simply a single fifteen inch Celestion in a slightly compromised enclosure, it sounds superb offering an adequate low end and goes surprisingly high too. I say the enclosure is compromised as running the maths against the spec of the driver suggests it would be prefer a slightly larger box and lower tuning however on the face of it, it goes plenty low for me. The flexibility of the pre-amp allows for many different sounds to be coaxed from it as the chap I bought from uses a P-style bass with flats whereas I'm on round wounds and like plenty of ping. Short of a dub-reggae thud, it'll do it without drama. It responds best with the Warwick although it sounds sweet with the Jazz bass too. Lastly the valve pre and power stages add that lovely bit of warmth and squash to the otherwise tight Trace sound. Having previously owned a number of SS Trace combos and a V-Type 4808, this trumps them all including being able to play louder without complaint. Given it's ~100w rating, it's very capable and will stand up to gigging without drama. I have never needed it flat out to keep up. The amplifier wiill distort and break-up with a bit of soft valve grind when played loudly however, this too finds the limit of the speaker which isn't particularly nice. Through my old Ashton 410 though, it was a monster. It's drive sounds very similar to my Trace V-Type V4 when pinned. Just for giggles of course, I like the clean but compressed valve type sounds mostly. Build quality and reliability: This example was built in 1990 so at the time of writing (June 2015), it's 25 years old. I have had it since '12 / '13 and never had and ounce of bother with it. Just before I had the unit, it had been serviced with some some new caps and a full set of PM brand ECC83 / 6550 valves. I don't think it's had a particularly hard life having still got it's orginal vinyl cover but the upholstery and finish are excellent and still in great condition. Inside the amp chassis the standards are maintained with thick PCBs, tidy wiring and decent sized transformers. Pictures inside and out can be found here: [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/26162-trace-elliot-porn-thread/page__st__300"]http://basschat.co.u...d/page__st__300[/url] Bad bits: I don't really have much bad to say about it to be fair. It weighs a tonne (or more realistically about 35Kg) but it's a valve combo, if it was light, i'd be worried! The side handles aren't great and bite into your hands a little, the recessed types on the larger cabs would have been better but at least they wern't so daft as to put a central strap handle on top of the thing. The only other real compromise is the speaker / enclsore. For me it goes low enough without complaint but running the maths, (if I remember correctly) it starts to roll off around 75Hz with a little hump in the 100Hz area which can be heard. I think it's simply the compromise of such a small enclosure. Conclusion: It's old and a bit heavy but with the exception of my V4, it's the best sounding Trace Elliot I've owned. And of course, being a Trace, it's not going to be everyones tastes but it's well worth a look as it's a variation on that traditional sound. It's been totally reliable and I intend to keep it around for a good while yet! [/quote] Great review, VtypeV4!! I did not see it when I waded through posts looking for info! Thanx for sure!!!
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