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  2. It's just I'm on the iPhone at the moment, as soon as I can get on a computer I'll get them up
  3. Can't wait to get the photos up for you guys
  4. To be honest it only takes a minute to work out , and the tonal variety from the coil taps is mindblowing
  5. 2012 status Kingbass paramatrix prototype Bolt on carbon fibre neck Carbon fibre top and back 16.5mm spacing and bendwell Paramatrix circuit Bi max pickups Full fitted flight case This is the prototype that mark king played and tested to finalise last minute details to the newest model, the paramatrix Will get photos up ASAP!!! It's just stunnin and so so so versatile P.s gas almost completely cured
  6. Withdrawn! I've found another one to go alongside this
  7. Love this jazz bass but really my amp needs an upgrade sooner rather than later Sunburst all parts body Marcus miller neck 62ri pickups And a good quality wiring setup Badass 2 Schaller straplocks Gotoh reverse tuners Head stocked has been sanded and re de-caled Gig bag included £300 which is what I paid Can send photos to email addresses it's just ok working off my iPhone at the moment Trades for Tc electronic rh450 Genz Benz shuttle Aguilar th Or cab wise Tc rs Bergantino Cash can be added your way
  8. I love it to bits just slightly prefer the tone of an alder bodied one at te moment
  9. I don't , just my dad and I swapped that's all I'll get pictures up ASAP! Just on the iPhone at the moment
  10. Beautiful status Kingbass artist 2003 Walnut body Rosewood top 16.mm string spacing 32 scale with bendwell Gold hardware Blue front and side LEDs Hiscox hardcAse 2 sets of brand new 30-90 hot wires Trades are only for a status black beauty or paramatrix and cash your way
  11. Marcus miller - the sun don't lie Fantastic bass album
  12. I need another musicman one day
  13. I agree totally with what's been said in the last few posts I mean yeah alembics are absolutely amazing instruments and many have them and love them and that's cool, but I really do think that anything over 5 grand starts to get silly, it goes beyond what an instrument should be valued at unless it's been used by a famous person
  14. Absolutely love stanley Clarke! The time exposure album really is something else
  15. [quote name='bubinga5' timestamp='1396646205' post='2416141'] ha ha. oh Nige you have such a soft way about you. [/quote] Hehe
  16. [quote name='xilddx' timestamp='1396634130' post='2415954'] No it doesn't. [/quote] Why?
  17. I'll get pictures up tonight
  18. Sounds like I should get the flat response one instead then
  19. Just bought a lovely bitsa jazz from a fellow basschatter and it's lovely! Waiting on my choice of strings and set up but even the way it is it sounds absolutely fantastic! Lovely Marcus miller neck, sunburst body will be fitting a j retro within the month also Getting closer and closer to my dream jazz I think this is the one!
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