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  1. Sorry, Didn't realise you had to pay a subscription, Been a while since sold a bass on here.
  2. Well i thought i had, but it disappeared, Anyone know why?
  3. Thanks, sorted it now, Thanks for the replies.
  4. Hi, When you preview a post in selling your bass do the photos show up, I am selling a bass and using Photobucket, as far as i know i have transferred pics correctly but wondered if they show in preview, Thanks.
  5. [quote name='lee650' timestamp='1470489957' post='3106372'] Ooh that's nice! What wood is it and what type of jazz is it made for? (Japanese/usa/me etc) [/quote] I have no idea what the wood is, i put on a bitsa jazz bass and again i have no idea what that is.
  6. Wooden Scratchplate for a Jazz Bass, I have stuck it on a bass but wasn't happy with it. £17.00 posted. No marks on it.[URL=http://s122.photobucket.com/user/takron_2006/media/DSC_0608.jpg.html][IMG]http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o255/takron_2006/DSC_0608.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  7. [quote name='[email protected]' timestamp='1469891529' post='3101839'] Meet them both, go with whoever best matches your interests. Be that: best setlist, nicest people, most accomplished musicians. Make an informed decision so that you don't regret rejecting one of them a month down the line. [/quote] i guess that's the wisest decision, Thanks.
  8. The fIrst with the not so great set list i don't know from adam but that doesn't mean much, the second one i used to work with a couple of them , and i have just found out the first gig is a week on Saturday.
  9. Been looking for band to join for a while now, so i put an add in a Join a band site and after a week someone local invited to join a band, they practise where i used practise with my old band just down the road so thats great .He emailed a bunch of songs for me to learn (they are not so great) and grafting away when i have phone call from someone i know saying phone so and so the bass player has just left and it's your if you want it. What to do, don't know if i could cope with learning two set lists plus the gigs could clash, Argh!.
  10. I suppose it must be true. Why were you going through all those different basses? I was trying to find something I could play. I felt comfortable with the Rickenbacker, but the neck warped, and it started sounding very strange, so I changed to a [Fender] Jazz Bass. The first [i]proper[/i] bass setup I ever used, I had a big cabinet with curtain material on the front, and we used to carry our own equipment then, hire a van to take us to the concert. Because we thought it was too heavy, we used hang the 18″ speaker on a nail every time we’d go to a concert, and when I played a bottom [i]E[/i], it would fall off the nail. So we’d have to stop halfway through the number and hang it back on the nail. The first time I could ever play my [i]E[/i] string was after I’d been playing bass for about three years. I’d never actually touched the [i]E[/i] string; I was just playing on the first three strings. And the first time I actually touched the [i]E[/i] string was when I got my first 4-12 cabinet, and I was using an Epiphone semi-acoustic bass.
  11. Got tickets to See Stan webbs Chicken Shack and Focus, but that's a couple of months away, Plus side it's just down the road.
  12. [url="https://www.amazon.co.uk/Musical-Instruments-Rocktile-Vintage-Beatbass-Humbuckers-Sunburst/dp/B00HEQ2A56/ref=sr_1_1?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1465031298&sr=1-1"]https://www.amazon.c...65031298&sr=1-1[/url] There's one on ebay from a german seller at the same price.
  13. I think the best two Bands went through, but i must say if they thought the Scots Blues Band was the best Blues band they could find up there ,
  14. Supported Andy Scott and his brother few times when they where in a band called Elastic Band, Proper Prog Rock. Hammond organ, Flute. they made one album, split.The Singer joined Love Affair. the Drummer joined Mayfields Mule and Henry Cow.
  15. I bought a PBass of haruki, it arrived when he said it would and i am more than happy, Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again, Highly recommended.
  16. I'm keeping my eye on that Bowies Rock and Rye.
  17. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER7kauxCx6s[/media]
  18. Looking for Wooden Scratch plate for a Jazz, The one's i've found on google all seem to be in the US. Maybe making one wouldn't be all that hard, But if anyone has a link it would be appreciated, Thanks.
  19. Thanks, Don't think i have ever seen one before, i'll give it a go.
  20. This Stand came with a Jazz Bass and Case i bought off ebay, i'm guessing it's for an upright Electric bass, everything works ok it's just no good for a guitar.is it any use to anyone,? no idea how to put pictures right, [attachment=219578:DSC_0540.JPG] [attachment=219575:DSC_0541.JPG]
  21. Watching the Dave Clark five thing on BBC4, Noticed the Bass player was playing what i thought was a ordinary six string guitar, turns out it was a Burns six string, only 20 where produced between62/64. the bassist in the Human League own one. https://reverb.com/item/3863-1962-burns-split-sound-baritone
  22. Thanks for the Manual link, I removed the drivers and they are wired series so i should be ok. i thought it best to ask before i use them. this what the manual says, [font=Optima][size=2]The 7210H and 7215 combos produce around 200Watts into their respective internal speakers which provide an 8-Ohm load in both cases. There is an additional output socket on the rear of both combos to allow an additional 8-Ohm cabinet to be used. They will then produce the full 300Watts into the combined 4-Ohm load. If you want to run the combos with a single 4-Ohm speaker cabinet, (or indeed two 8-Ohm cabs), then the internal speaker must be disconnected. This is achieved by the removal of the jack plug in the rear socket. [/size][/font]
  23. [quote name='SubsonicSimpleton' timestamp='1461671207' post='3036583'] If your cab contains two drivers which each have a nominal impedance of 4 ohms, you can wire them in series to make the load that the amp sees 8 ohms, if they are wired in parallel they will present a load of 2 ohms to the amp. [/quote] Right that's what i thought. Thanks.
  24. Hi, Thanks for the replies, it does have a extension socket, but no info on the back, It's really what i expected. these celestions i think are over a hundred quid now, i might try and see if i can swap them for 8 ohms.
  25. Hi, Excuse my ignorance on this subject, I have a Trace 300watt 1715 Combo which i think is 8 ohms, i would like to pair a cabinet which sold then bought back off a friend, it's one i made up of Two 10inch Celestion 300 watt BN10X 4 ohms. is this possible without doing any damage, am i right in thinking this will just cut down the amp 150 watts? Thanks.
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