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  1. Heres a vid of what to do. In theory you should do your nut before you start doing your bridge. It will be a good indication as to what the problem may be by measuring and comparing what it should be at the 1st fret before you do what I did and take off half the bridge. Its not like you can wind the grub screw back up again! [media]http://youtu.be/cI9Y9MsmnEc[/media] If you google nut set up for bass you get quit a lot of stuff. Mine is still relatively high compared to my electrics. Not sure why but it suits it ok. Can't actually measure at the mo sorry but I hope that helps. A
  2. Height at the Nut has a large influence on action to. I have a Fender Kingman that I just couldn't get right. Took the bridge down to a silly level almost touching the bridge sadle itself. Then I learnt about the nut height. Makes a big difference. Had to take the bridge right back up again!!! A
  3. [quote name='dave_bass5' timestamp='1400691291' post='2456176'] Almost got a VM PV last year. In the end I got the VM PJ and it's my only gigging bass now. I had planned to get a VM PV or Jazz V this year, but after reading the comment about the wide neck I'm not going to bother now. Good review though. If I wasn't so fickle about neck widths and string spacing I'd be gassing for the above. [/quote] But as 5 strings go its not a wide neck. The nut is 46mm compared to some that Ive seen at 50+mm. There are, of course, narrower ones but at this price?!!!!! A
  4. Ive got both the 4 and 5 versions of this but the older ones with the SD pickups. The 4 is top rate in my view. I bought it to mod but ended up keeping it. Changed the pick ups to Wizard 84's and put an Audere pre amp in it. Purely because I don't like VVT but love Jazzes. The 5er I got I did muck about with but only because it was already mucked about with. Having said all that (I am going somewhere with this I promise). The pickups in the 5er where absolutely lovely. The nut is nice and narrow too which is the main reason I went for the VM. The neck does take a bit of getting used to from a 4 string but its not too much work. I found the neck to be a little too thin in depth. I think for the width a thicker neck may be in proportion. For me I would buy a VM 5er again if I could justify it. Excellent purchase Discreet. Now go save up for a J-Retro. THAT will make you smile A
  5. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1400233539' post='2452043'] if I follow your advice I'd end up with a gold-plated bling-master Jazz... erm, no, thanks! I'm not man enough to pull that one off [/quote] Nice merkin btw A
  6. Thats a real beauty Love it. Now what you need on that my son is a nice dark wood veneer scratch plate A Jazz - you know it makes sense A
  7. Cats love ear wax. Dont ask me how I know A
  8. [quote name='paul_5' timestamp='1399579980' post='2445657'] My mate once used one to keep the exhaust on thr van from Portsmouth back to Manchester (post gig). [/quote] I used some to tie up the water tank beneath my old campervan when the metal strap broke. Worked a treat. A
  9. I am sooooooooooooo tempted to put one of the many pics of a certain BC [s]anti-hero[/s] anti-luther from Ebay on here just to set the gender balance. A
  10. No need for one of these anyway! just need one of these.............. A
  11. [quote name='Mark Dyer' timestamp='1397753430' post='2427142'] It was Pete Townsend who said "The Who never really had a bass player but more a second guitarist." (or something like that) [/quote] Entwistle himself never considered himself as a bass player. A
  12. Just bought Mr Bonds bass VI. Excellent coms and easy transaction. Deal with confidence with Nick. cheers A
  13. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1395767715' post='2406036'] 6er? I have a couple of Stratocasters and a Les Paul. That's the sort of 6er you mean, surely... not... the other... kind... The idea of a "custom P" was not really a P. It was going to have a single P pickup, but a lot closer to the bridge, therefore removing it's "P-ness". I'm still going to do it, just building it from the bits of the 3rd SR Precision that I have in my room: maple fingerboard neck, half-stripped body (will just be oiled natural, perhaps dyed a bit). I'll just be looking at maple neck Precisions and hopefully trying a bunch, until I find "the one". Not in a hurry. Fortunately, it's a bass model that's extremely common [/quote] Yes I do mean the other kind but not the dad kind, more like the mum kind if you call strats and les paul types the baby kind. And Im not talking porridge............... or am I! So basically your going to try and make a P sound a bit like a ray? Yep your going to have plenty to play with. Common as muck. Id have a good search for a non fender/squier but still P shaped one. Might find something interesting. Its all in the pickup anyway A
  14. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1395740023' post='2405579'] Incredible, eh? Considering it's the style of bass I have owned longest and owned the larger number of (mostly because I went "meh, I don't like this" ) it's a surprising revelation. It's also given me a new sense of purpose: I do want a decent P now. It means maple fingerboard (of course), with a very nice neck (wide and chunky, but "just so"), and that has that "thump" in it (which means trying a bunch...). One day. The P certainly has its place beside the Stingray and Jazz. I have generally used a Jazz neck pickup to mimic a P, which it does to some extent, but there's something missing that even a lowly SR Precision has. [/quote] I do seem to remember being here before. Weren't you going for a custom P some time ago? I to have had those P moments. We've often commented about it. I particularly remember your CV even with the old style pickup. Damn that was nice! If the SR does it for you then you do need to get a 'proper one'. My blinged SR with the Wizard trad has a lovely sound that only a P can do. Even my short scale Satellite with some £2 pickup in it has a wonderful warm thump. Ill still go back to my J's though. Keep us posted. Im intrigued to see what your going to plump for. As for me, Ive got my eye on a 6er A
  15. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1395626417' post='2404536'] I have owned P basses on and off over the years, but never grew on me enough. Yesterday I took one of my Sue Ryder P basses, which was strung with Status flats and had a Wizard Thumper pickup on, and I put on a set of roundwounds (Rotosounds swing 66). The action was never optimal because the neck needed a shim... so I did that too. Wow. I already had a "revelation" last summer with my Squier 'Mike Dirnt' Precision... but I forgot about it, and that bass just feels "flimsier" than the SR. It's not going to replace my Stingray of Jazz... but I'm definitely going to stop looking down at Precisions. (yes, I did, ) [/quote] Are you serious? A
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