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  1. 7 minutes ago, Lozz196 said:

    Yes Henry’s XSLF travel with minimal gear, guitar, bass, picks & sticks, bands unwilling to lend backline either get put first on the bill or if only two bands don’t get asked to play at all. They’re actually a decent bunch of guys, very respectful of the gear they use, but like anything if you don’t know them why take the chance. 

    I can understand them wanting to reduce overheads by not lugging back line over from Ireland, but I thinks it’s a bit much to expect the bands they are asking to support them to provide it for them, presumably with no financial incentive to do so. ‘Let us use your back line or you don’t get the gig’ is like some bizarre form of musical blackmail, no matter how decent and respectful they might be.

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  2. June has been an excellent month for me. Six gigs across four different bands with very little crossover. The next two gigs are with two different bands again, one rock covers and the other ska, so a bit of homework to do. I can’t remember the last time I was so busy. Love it 🤟

  3. I've had little time to watch any of Glastonbury live, but I'm just catching up on some now. I feel underwhelmed.

    Billy Eilish - I don't get her at all. Possibly one of the worst first songs ever and it didn't get any better (for me). If that's the way the world of music is heading, I'll give up now.

    Self Esteem - pfft. 'There is nothing that terrifies a man more than a woman that appears completely deranged'. You are and I'm not. P!$$ off.

    Idles - erm, no. Angry noise.

    I'm not sure I can bring myself to watch any more right now.

  4. 1 hour ago, tegs07 said:

    I can’t see me going these days unless I win some sort of competition that includes helicopter travel and accommodation in an airstream with complimentary chief and sommelier!

    Take this one and keep him.


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  5. 1 hour ago, dclaassen said:

    I did send an email, got the standard response. I am very happy with my local shop, and will support them. I understand your point, but there are a lot of great shops out there, and I’ve spent enough time in retail early in my life that I will, whenever possible, refuse to accept bad service or bad behavior in someone who is in the position of taking my hard earned money. You don’t a high level of basic good manners any more, largely because we tolerate bad behavior and rude attitudes. And, my experience is that a clerk or salesperson is only reflecting the attitudes of their boss.


     I am really appreciative of this forum and all the varied points of view…


    I'm not defending bad service, these are just observations.


    By walking away without speaking to the manager, you have accepted bad service in my opinion.


    Also, Peach isn't the sort of shop you can walk down the High Street and think 'oh, I'll just pop in there and have a browse around'. You have to make an effort to get there, whether by car or by public transport and to do that, I would suggest, a visit to their web site to check opening hours would have been advisable. In doing that, it clearly says 'We are open for pre-booked appointments only. To learn more about our appointment system, click the button to the right'. Clicking the button takes you to this video which explains why.



    It's 10 minutes long and you don't have to watch all of it, but the first two minutes tells you why this system has been put in place and it makes complete sense. Make an appointment and you're guaranteed to have someone there that will help you. That said, looking at their current bass inventory, there isn't much there to get excited about. Awash with Fender's and little else. They even used to have a decent selection of CS basses, but now only two 🤷‍♂️.


    Not great comms from them on your arrival, but it must get a bit tedious dealing with people who just turn up several times a day without booking. When I went there (without an appointment) I read the notice on the door and did think twice about ringing the bell. I did ring at the door and my opening line was an apology, which probably went a long way to dissolving any potential negative response. The guy said he would see what he could and after a couple of minutes I was allowed in and explained that I had specifically come to see two not inexpensive instruments which he went and brought to a practice room for me.


    Life is too short to hold grudges over trivialities like this.

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  6. 44 minutes ago, dclaassen said:

    I asked for the manager and was told it wouldn’t do any good....

    My response....'Allow me to be the judge of that, now off you go and get him/her'.

    EDIT: Once you've asked for the next level up, you can't back down.

  7. I cannot stomach any of these 'reaction' videos. They are tedious in the extreme and I couldn't care less what someone else thinks about hearing Neil Peart for the first time. I can see the appeal of making them as they get a massive amount of hits and I presume that means some sort of monetisation. If it doesn't then I'm completely stumped as to why they even bother making them.


    The analysis videos I do understand as there is usually something in there to learn from, but the 'OMG, that's dope' reaction ones - utter dross.

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  8. 45 minutes ago, molan said:

    If anyone is interested in this but might want to trade, then don't hesitate to contact Will at Bassbros.


    He's a very fair PX guy (I know this because that's how I first met him when I PX'd something!).


    He can also accept card payments - particularly handy if you have one of those 'interest free' long term deals that are kicking around at the moment!

    Is it classic nut width Barrie?

  9. On 28/05/2022 at 12:16, chris_b said:

    I'd question that a Jazz is an "easier" bass to play than a Precision.


    If anyone finds a Precision more difficult, they need to work harder on their technique.

    I don't think it has much to do with technique. I just prefer my bass necks not to feel like the thick end of a baseball bat sliced in two.

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  10. This sounds similar to the Darkglass Super Intelligent Footswitch which has four functions and is operated by a jack lead.

    The clever bit is in the foot switch. Any old jack lead will operate it, but not any old foot switch unit will do what the Darkglass one can.

    Buy the Ashdown one.

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  11. 2 hours ago, LeftyJ said:

    I remember that too! I looked it up a while back in the Waybackmachine when there was speculation about future models in the Statii Facebook Group. Here's the screenshot I took.



    I played that bass at Status HQ. It was very nice. A little bit more than I was prepared to pay though.

  12. 2 minutes ago, martthebass said:

     Very nice.  I'm thinking of using my 'wood containing' equivalent at a bikers festival tomorrow.....hope the heat doesn't melt it!

    Yes, it's going to be a scorcher by all accounts. Hope it goes well for you mate.

    Law of sod: I have a road trip this weekend. Friday is indoors (theatre) in Oxford. Staying overnight in Oxford until Saturday, when it's supposed to be tipping it down and the venue is outside in Leicester 🤷‍♂️.

    Fortunately it's an amphitheatre and both the audience and the stage are covered. It'll be a good gig no matter what, but it would be nice if we could just go there once and it not be raining.


    Note to self: Route from Oxford to Leicester take me past the front door of Bass Direct 😎.

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  13. Generally speaking, it's big no no.


    That said, a lot of the gigs I'm doing are theatres which usually involve long drives and have early load in's typically around the 2pm mark. I usually travel with the guitarist and we like to start the day early. We check into the hotel, then go to the venue for 2pm, load in, check the functionality of everything and wander off to find something to eat and occasionally have a pint (maximum of one pint at least 3 hours before show time). Sound checks are usually 5pm and last for an hour, so we make sure we're back for 4.30. Green Room for 7pm with showtime at 7.30. The best thing about this gig is that theatres are full of crew that want to get home just as much as you do and will carry out your stuff as quick as you can break it down.


    I think our record is: Show ends @ 10pm. Fully loaded out by 10.35pm. Gear loaded into Premier Inn by 10.55pm. Band taxi'd to local Wetherspoons by 11.05pm.


    I would agree with the consensus here. If people are willing to pay good money for a ticket, the least you can do is turn up fit to play to the best of your ability.

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  14. 23 minutes ago, ambient said:

    I don’t drink alcohol. If I did I’d never drink on a gig or at a rehearsal. I can’t think of any job where drinking alcohol while working would be allowed.

    Not now, but during my lifetime it was allowed. Rum rations ceased in 1970 for the Royal Navy.

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