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New amp for me - Very specific

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[quote name='Alien' post='57239' date='Sep 7 2007, 11:20 PM']If I'm reading this right, you're not truly bi-amping, you're just taking the high frequency output into the guitar amp. The Peavey combo is still running full range. If you take a patch lead from the low frequency output into the power amp input, then the Peaveys power amp will only be handling lows.

My setup used to be similar to this, just a bit more complicated:

Bass - Peavey Firebass - HF out - Korg AX300 (stereo outs) - Behringer EP1500 - pair of 2x10 cabs
[color="#FFFFFF"]Bass - Peavey Firebass[/color] - LF out - Firebass Power amp in - 1x15 cab

Loads of big fat clean bottom end, with all the FX in stereo on the highs. Totally unnecessary and way OTT, but lots of fun nonetheless :)


So he can basically take any amp he likes the sound of, take a feed from the pre-amp section and run it into a HPF before going into the guitar amp then. Sounds fairly straightforward as long as the pre-amp has the necessary outputs.

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Basically, any amp that has a pre out can be used to drive another amp. Even if your amp doesn't have a crossover, you can use this to bi-amp as long as you have an external crossover. My recommendation for that is the Rolls SX21.

Provided you get rid of the bottom octave or two (anything below about 100-150Hz), a guitar amp sounds great as part of a bass rig, lets you get really dirty distortion on the top while the bottom end stays clean.


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