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Choosing between two graphite neck basses...


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Two graphite neck basses are up for sale around 600 euro's:
Status Energy (headed, bolt-on graphite neck, 34", 2 Hyperactive J pickups, passive EQ) and
Peavey G-Bass (bolt-on graphite neck with pauferro 'board, 35", 1 pickup, 18v 3-band active EQ)
Which one do you prefer, and why?
Please help me make up my mind! :)

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I didn't know that Peavey did a graphite neck?

I tend to go and look at the reviews over at Harmony Central if I'm interesed in something I can't try first. You obviously have to take them with a BIG pinch of salt, but they can be of use for a general idea about an instrument.

I've just looked at some pix and I'd go for the Status if it were on looks alone.

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Why do you want to play graphite? A graphite neck really doesn't sound all that much different to a good traditional neck, certainly if that neck is well set up. I've owned several graphite basses, four Moduli, two Statii and a Fender with aftermarket Status neck, and none were significantly different to their traditional counterparts. The only reason I'd now buy a bass with a graphite neck would be because they are generally (a well known US manufacturer excepted) more stable, especially in relation to humidity. However, stability is only part of the equation, in this thread you're looking at two very different basses and trying to choose between them; it's a bit like saying "I want a red bass, there's a red '68 Telebass and a red Alembic, which should I get". Let the type of music, your playing style, and your preferences (neck width, PUPs, active/passive etc) make your choice, and then find that basss with a graphite neck.

And for what it's worth, I'd get the Status :)


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Thanks Golchen & Beedster.
I actually find graphite necks quite different than wooden necks. Apart from the differences in sound I really like the stability. These two are probably the only two affordable graphite neck basses that turn up every once in a while and yes they're very different. Since I've never played the G-bass but have touched various Statii I think I'll go with that one...

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