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Guild X 500 semi acoustic guitar near mint

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  • JottoSW1 changed the title to Guild X 500 semi acoustic guitar near mint
21 hours ago, Newfoundfreedom said:

Nice. But why are there 10 pictures of the back? 😂

Apologies was refreshed at the time can't seem to delete excess. T'is a proper back.

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1 hour ago, LeftyJ said:

Oh! Is that a 1954 LP Custom reissue? That's gorgeous, and those neck pickups are quite unique. 

Yes indeed it is , I boggled when he told me he'd purchased a 5k + Les Paul.

I'd popped round to his place after a longish gap (to swap 1 of my little old Bass Combos for another loaner, both line 6 go figure plus retrieve some old gale hi fi speakers I'd lent him)

Also to show off my (infrequent) travelling rig quilter interbass and single laney nexus n115.

Turned the tweeter on and Don played the Guild through the interbass as well.

Sounded absolutely mint, though he did say it was potentially a VERY loud 33watts at 8 ohm.  He really rated the Interbass Laney for Bass too, "dot bass cab weighs nutting - it's rilly cool and amp is really intuitive "

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Posted (edited)

Was surprised how noisy ye olde style pickups were on such a lovely les paul

Told him he should keep the guild too, now I'm soberish I will be posting it for sale on his behalf.

I'd forgotten I'd let my subscription lapse otherwise it would already be there inclusive of 10 (errrr) backshots (I didn't love it that much cos I can't play geetar to save my life)

Edited by JottoSW1
Clarification guild v lp
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