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Alleva-Coppolo LG5 Standard with matching headstock as new


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For sale is my absolutely mint Alleva-Coppolo Bass LG5 Standard in black with matching headstock.
I bought and imported the bass in January 2020 directly from Bass San Diego in the USA.
Due to Corona I have only played the bass at home until today. So no stage, no rehearsal and no studio.
An impeccably crafted instrument with no dents or dings. Very good B-string and very balanced sound over the whole fretboard.
Alder body with rosewood fretboard and 60s PU position.

Everything works perfect. Neck is straight, no fretwear.
Micro scratches are of course present and cannot be avoided with black lacquer.
Shipping would be possible.

Price is 4.500,- €












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Everything I've heard played on an A-C sounds utterly awesome. I believe Paul Turner uses one with Jamiroquai? I've yet to try one myself but I just know it'd be exquisite. The only thing I've never liked about A-Cs is the headstock shape, but somehow the matching colour makes it a lot more palatable and it looks right. GLWTS!

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I had a couple of Classic Supreme LG4s (with the DN boards) back in the early days of Jimmy's production - lovely instruments, but ultimately, I'm not a Fender-type player.  The circuit in these is superb and works beautifully with AC's own pickups.  This one looks lovely and I'd concur on the MHS.  The headstock shape was never to my taste but the additional mass may (?) have helped with the avoidance of dead spots - both of my ACs had beautiful clarity and sustain from B to E on the G (not something I can claim for all the Fender-types I've owned).  Good luck with this one - a lovely bass and a very decent price (IMO)

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