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Ampeg SVT Classic (USA) - £900

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Ampeg SVT Classic Made in USA.  Serial number dates this to August 1998 I believe and is an SLM Ampeg made before they shipped the builds to Asia


Not an awful lot to say about these amps – they are the industry standard big bastard valves amps still seen on most main stages to this day.  Thunderously loud and THAT glorious valve tone.


I use it with my 4ohm 212AV cab and with a mixture of J and P basses (all with flats of course) and it just sounds big, fat and all the other cliché’s that get thrown at big valve amps.


Cosmetically it looked like the previous owner changed that knobs and there are a few scuffs to the tolex.  The side handles show a bit of rust but other than that it’s a fully functioning beast…… and therein lies my problem.  We used to have our own full time studio where this lived but now the gigs are coming back in I need something lighter.  I know I wont get THAT tone from anything else but needs must.


Valve wise im not sure of the age but it fully bias’s up properly and I have had zero hiccups from it.


£900 for a USA made Ampeg Classic SVT if collected from Bolton (or can meet within reasonable distance)


Pics to follow asap


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