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Sold - Marleaux Consat Custom 4 / 2013
Newcastle upon Tyne

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With a very heavy heart I am selling one of the very best basses I have ever owned, it's only fault is that it has 4 strings and as I move to 6 strings it's getting less and less playing time and that's just not right. 


This thing sounds incredible; The bass has a Mahogany Body with a highly figured Bubinga top and a Wenge sandwich veneer in the middle, the neck is maple with Wenge stripes and this bass has an Ebony fingerboard. The headstock has a matching Bubinga face. 


Electronics wise we have 2 Delano SBC pickups and a 3 band Marleaux custom BC3 pre amp. 


Hardware the bass has a custom german made GTS bridge and knobs and german Schaller tuners and straplocks. 


Finish Matte Satin finish

Neck measurements

Scale:       864 mm / 34"
Nut:         40 mm / 1.57"
12. fret:   55 mm / 2.17"
24. fret:   62 mm / 2.44"
Bridge:     60 mm (2.36") / 20 mm (0.79") each string


Everything about this bass screams premium, it's a beautiful instrument. I'll be very sad to see it go. Comes with the fantastic hard case shown in the images. The bass is very very light I don't have scales to weigh it, but it must be under 3.5kgs I can try and get a firmer estimate. 


Bass Buddha on YouTube has a great review of a 5 string version with incredibly similar wood combinations, just the top being different. 



Info on the Pups and Pre; 

Pickups - https://www.delano.de/sbc_4_he_s/sbc4_he_s_details.html

Pre - https://www.marleaux-bass.com/fileadmin/pdf/Elektroniken-PDF-2020/Marleaux-Electronic-BC3-EN.pdf


Collection from Newcastle Upon Tyne or I will post this insured, but this will be around £40-£50 depending on courier and delivery timescale in the UK. Europe I would need to investigate. 


Trades - 





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6 string basses only

  • Nothing with a string spacing under 17mm, ideal is 18mm with adjustment up and down
  • Under a 35" scale unless its part of a multi scale layout, again ideal is 34 and under
  • Active preamp only no passive basses

That's about it, happy for cash to go either way for the right trade. 





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All PM's replied too. 


Full disclosure I have 4 people all wanting the bass so there is a que at the moment so I will update the advert should the bass go to one of these chaps tonight. 


Thank you, 

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