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Studio Temperature control

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Has anyone got any good tips or ways of controlling the temperature in a home studio? I have a plug in heater for the winter but nothing to reduce heat in the summer. It’s not so much my comfort but to stop the necks needing constant truss adjustments from temperature changes. I’m not there during the day as I work and can’t just leave a window open and this time of year it can get ‘oven’ hot. Has anybody else had this issue and solved it? 

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I'm guessing it's an outside studio, as in garden room or garage or something? Could you fit a small vent like a bathroom extractor, but fit a low power fan run off a solar panel in it? It wouldn't cool it as such, but would pull the hot air out. The bonus being that it would self regulate, the sunnier it is, the faster the fan runs. 

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Thanks guys.. need to do some investigating of AC’s.. it is a brick built garden room with two tiny non opening windows.. great for security and soundproofing but can get hot! 

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37 minutes ago, Downunderwonder said:

Whitewash the south elevation.

Shade the windows.

Insulate the ceiling.

Save on cooling effort by not letting it heat up in the first place.

Unfortunately most music rooms also have amps and computers in them, not to mention people, if you don't have active airflow, they get hot and stuffy all by themselves.

Even on cold days, my sound proof studio gets uncomfortable after an hour or two, I run the AC on circulate pretty much al the time.

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