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Thoughts on enfield avenger?


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On 01/05/2021 at 22:19, jassbass said:

These look good

Anyone owned a Enfield avenger 


Just tried an Enfield out in the Bass Gallery earlier today. It left me cold. Oh, a superb instrument, without a doubt, but it struck me that it was very much a professional tool to get the job done, any job at all. I didn't get any kind of vibe off it so while I'm sure it was worth the £3,000 asking price I was very happy to hand it back to the nice man in the shop to hang on the wall. For me, a Dingwall has that "modern" feel and style, just as versatile but seems to have mojo. 

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Looks like the pickups are available separately. 

Not sure if I'd want such a high-tech solution in the retro-looking package they're offering. I understand some people would like it, but I think I'd prefer them in a more adventurous design. 

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This one:


I mean, it's a beautiful piece of work. Looks and feels amazing, can't fault it and I'm sure I could play anything at all on it with those pickups, but I didn't feel like I wanted to.

Mind you, I really don't like lacquered necks so maybe that put me off a bit. I don't know why...

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i've not played an avenger but I haver a SIMS picku-ped bass that will be on it's way top the north-east soonish, if we are ever allowed another north east bass bash i'll bring it along.



edit - I have no idea why it's showing that particular image as a preview, It bears no relation to my new bass!

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