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Overwater Fretless J (quilted maple "aquaburst", ebony fretboard) €950

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Beautiful Overwater fretless bass, custom made for the original owner around 2005.

The bass has a stunning quilted maple top and a nice green/blue burst finish. The fretboard is made of ebony.  It's an active bass.


















There are several cosmetic damages to be found around the bass; dents, scratches, missing paint chips; battle scars. The fretboard shows signs of use but is definitely in very good condition. All hardware and electronics function like they should. The bass plays very well and has plenty of the mwah you want from a decent fretless. 

An original, high quality Overwater gigbag/softcase is included.


Trades are welcome. Fretted basses only please :).

I am located in the Netherlands, but happy to ship at buyers risk (insured, well packed)

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Another lovely Overwater - I was far too precious with mine. Sold it, bought it back, sold it again. Great tonal package, perfectly weighted/balanced and played exquisitely.

If this is anything like that somebody will get an absolute bargain (£815).


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    • By Arnoldoc
      Selling my Atelier Z Jerry Barnes M265. Top of the line, hand made in Japan, 70s style bass from Atelier. Bought new a few weeks ago and in literally "as new" condition. Fantastic instrument and craftsmanship, but selling as I'm much more of a 60s pickup position / alder body guy. Easily nails the 70s super jazz, Marcus Miller type of tone. It has an upgraded electronics package (including a passive tone knob), adding additional versatility. 70s type of sound but without the huge weight! (pretty light for an ash 5 string). Currently setup with quite low action with no buzz at all.
      Jerry Barnes (Chic's bass player) signature model. 
      Neck : Maple with binding, 21 Frets
      Body : Ash
      Tuners : GOTOH 
      Bridge : Vintage-type
      Pickups : ATELIER Z JBZ-5
      Preamp : ATELIER Z EQ-M
      Control : F vol, R vol/switch A/P, Passive Tone, Stacked Bass/Trenble
      Colour : Vintage Natural gloss
      Gig Bag: Padded deluxe
      Sring spacing at bridge: 19mm
      Weight: 4.5kg
      Plenty of feedback:  

    • By Arnoldoc
      Up for sale is my beautiful Moollon Jazz bass. It is in mint condition (I've photographed as best as possible the small nicks in the headstock; as it's a nitro finish like pre-CBS Fenders). Plenty of reviews in BassChat.
       Many Moollon reviews & videos online, but it's usually described as the best pre-CBS type jazz bass you can get in 5 strings. Jimmy Coppolo does great copies too but his equivalent model with nitro finish (Classic Supreme) will cost at least double. Very difficult to find and YJ currently has a backlog of 12-14 months as he builds everything by himself.
      No trades unless you have a similar specced Stenback.
      handmade body & neck, finished in multiple layers of super-thin nitrocellulose lacquer hand-wound VJ-60 pickups which capture the tone of an early 60's jazz bass handmade hardware to pre-CBS specs (higher nickel content). alder body V/V/T passive

    • By Platypus
      Had a flirtation with short scale basses during lockdown, though have mostly gone back to my two 'standard' basses now...
      Sandberg California VS Lionel 30inch precision bass in excellent condition
      Alder body with maple neck - the grain shows through very nicely
      Fretless, ebony Pao Ferro finger board with sideline fret markers
      LaBella Black Nylon Tape Wounds
      Black hardware
      Sandberg gigbag
      Made in Germany
      £850 to include courier across UK
      Can to seen/tried in Pinner Middx 

    • By kdubb24
      So, I hastily purchased this preamp online from Darren Riley's Guitar and Amp Shop as soon as it became available with the intention of replacing the stock Fender Preamp (with no passive tone control) in my 2013 Fender American Select Active Jazz Bass. Well to my disappointment, the control cavity route is too small to fit this preamp ☹
      It wasn’t cheap! I paid 200 USD for it. The price was no object as these are currently hard to come by and a year and a half of COVID/telework has been good for the wallet but bad for my GAS!
      Doesn’t come with the battery, output jack or pickup connector assemblies, but it your handy with a soldering iron and have 3 & 4 pin module connector wires like from a Flexcore preamp laying around (like I do) they will fit and you can make it work as I planned to do. Also, Fender Gen 4 Noiseless J pickups come with the connectors attached if you want to go that route. I included a diagram to show wiring layout.
      I have no problem holding on to this in hopes that maybe one day I’ll run across a bass the it will fit into. Just trying to recoup what I paid for it, as it is totally unused.
      Trade option: If you have a Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass preamp laying around, you know the ones from 2010-2016 with A/P switch and passive tone control we can work out a trade deal of equal value.
      Why a Fender preamp you might ask? I own a bunch of other preamps (John East, Audere, Flexcore, Bart etc)…none of them do the “wide mid boost/cut” thing for me like a Fender preamp!  IMO 😉
      £150 or 170€ +postage delivered

      Master Volume, Pan Pot (Pickup Selector), Treble Boost/Cut, Midrange Boost/Cut, Bass Boost/Cut, Passive Tone, Active/Passive Mini Toggle
    • By nationofzeros
      For sale : my 1982 Aria Pro-II SB-1000 'Super Bass'  - fretless
      In the late 70s / early 80s, the Japanese Matsumoku factory had progressed from picture-perfect copies to their own immaculately engineered and very creative original designs, and king of the basses was the Aria SB 'Super Bass' range, headlined by the top of the pile SB-1000.
      Matsumoku / Aria had clearly been contemplating the pathway laid down by Alembic, and countered with their own 'boutique' offering, the SB-1000. With a double octave 34" scale 5-ply maple / walnut neck, all-brass hardware and a Canadian Ash body, the SB-1000 certainly looked the part, but backed this up with its double coil MB-1 pickup feeding the proprietary 18V 'BB' active, noise - defeating circuitry, including a 6 - way filter enabling a surprisingly wide range of 80s tones, from deep reggae through to burbling & popping mids and snappy tops. All to the liking of John Taylor, Jack Bruce and Cliff Burton, to name 3 celebrity users.
      To this confection, this vanishingly rare fretless version adds a warm, menacing growl.
      This bass, which is a second generation 'bookend headstock' model,  is in extremely good, all-original condition. The electronics all work, the 6-way filter provides the requisite 6 different tones,  and the natty front face LED featured in these bookend versions blinks away in classic 80s sci-fi style once the bass is plugged in.
      With its railroad - straight, C-section neck, it is simple to set a very low, super-speedy action & wallow in all the 'mwaah' that results. There are a few minor dings around the body sides and a couple of contusions in the lacquer on the neck (see photos),  but these barely dint the majestically thick and luscious clearcoat that Aria saw fit to lavish on these 1000 series models.
      In the day, the SB-1000s were renowned for the dense and vibrant wood grain finishes that Aria coaxed from its timber, all different. I'm biased, but if you find a more attractive one than this, please let me know !
      Non OEM quality hardcase included (see pix) - price is exclusive of shipping costs.
      Happy to answer any questions, not happy to sell this beauty, but I need the space...

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