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Ibanez TMB100-MGR

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Glorious Ibanez Talman in a stunning shadeof vintage mint green. I bought this bass to play in my office, then we all got sent home. I purchased it used, but it's basically as new. There are a few minor marks on the back, but the front and neck are all mint (pun intended). The plastic still remains on the rear pickup.

Pickup from Bristol preferred, particularly for a low-value bass like this I can't see sending it making it worth anybody's time.

Don't be fooled by the price, it's a really powerful and wonderfully made bass with an active preamp that nails that retro sound.

Pics on the way. Looking for £130.









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I bought one of these for my daughter, same colour but with maple 'board. It's an amazing bass for the price, really nice to play, superb range of sounds and it looks really cool too.

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7 hours ago, stewblack said:

That's gurt lush that is. 

Long scale active? Interesting.. 

Hi Stu, it’s an active preamp and passive pickups (I’ve been told!). Updated the listing. Still a lovely thing.

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I have the shortscale in cream already. But I do like a bass guitar every now and then. 

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