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Light Grenade

Advice needed re downgrading amp

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15 hours ago, lownote12 said:

I went to Ashdown after the 3x2 episode. Yes, twice the size and possibly twice the weight of an MB, but still manageable. And the quality of sound and controls is top notch. Plus if anything goes wrong a tin of nice biscuits will buy you a servce from a guy you can chat to. I run my MAG300 through Phil Jones 6x7 speakers and I lerv it to death.

I sent my old CTM100 over to Ashdown as its wasn't sounding great, they charges me a pittance in service cost and parts and were nearly apologetic. gents.   

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2 hours ago, BassAdder27 said:

Ashdown have a 5 year warranty 👍

I'd say they have a lifetime warranty.  My MAG300 is apparently 30 years old and they serviced it for nowt

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22 hours ago, agedhorse said:

Explain to me how it's possible for an amp to be so popular and well talked about (bragged about even) in Europe, yet have the reliability and support issues that are being discussed here?

In the UK most MarkBass amps are priced in the mid range, more expensive than TC Electronic, Peavey and Hartke but considerably cheaper than Aguilar, Bergantino and your Mesa stuff.  I believe they are considered more up market in the US, perhaps due to their price?  I have a MarkBass amp but wouldn't brag about it, they aren't that good; it has good EQ points, fits on my cab and was on a deal.  If I had one of your new TT-800s though I'd certainly show off😉

A friend of mine works in a backline/PA hire company in London, renting out kit for gigging bands in London of an evening and receiving it all back in the early hours (at least before Covid). In his experience the MarkBass kit was reliable as he saw few returns of faulty kit.  

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