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Ampeg SVT 3/7 v 2 Pro


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Hi all,

I owned two 2 pros but always found them way too heavy and impractical. I now own a 3 and 7 pro and as much as I like them, I often hear old recordings of my 2 pro and wish I had another one. I always knew it would be a compromise but am wondering how much of one.


Any thoughts please? Or has anyone A/B'd both amps?


Are they that much better that it's worth the almost two man lift?!!


Thanks in advance,



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4 minutes ago, dave74200 said:

I owned two 2 pros but always found them way too heavy and impractical. . . . .

You've answered your own question.

It doesn't matter what they sounded like, you couldn't lift them anymore. If you only think of your current amps as a compromise then you'll always be making yourself unhappy. The 3 and 7 are good amps. They sound good in their own right.

Move on.

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That’s the conclusion I came to with my old Ashdown ABM cabs, Chris, didn’t matter how they sounded I just couldn’t lift them anymore. Luckily I’ve been able to get lighter NEO versions and from now on they are my sound - same brand, probably a tad different in sound, but my sound.

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Many years ago when I bought my first SVT 2 Pro, I A/B'd the SVT 3 Pro and B4R. I'd actually gone to buy an SVT 4 Pro, but it never arrived at the shop.

I was able to keep switching back and forth between the amplifiers and have to say that the 2 Pro just well..  I bought the SVT 2 Pro then and there, it then did about 15 years of service with me!

As a compromise on weight, try to track down an Ampeg SVP-Pro preamp - which is your tone shaping section of the SVT 2 Pro and then run it in to either a power amp or the return of another amp you have already. When I retired my SVT 2 Pro from gigging, I did the same, with a daft 2000W rms power amplifier ha ha!! Bonkers!


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