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Re-recording tracks from the past

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I am in the process of re-recording my bands title song from 40 years ago. I have recorded a guide and then the drummer has sent me midi from his electronic kit, vocalist has sent vocals and I'm waiting on final guitar tracks. 

The song has a silly fairy story in the middle, and I my son recorded my granddaughter reading it which I have then cut to fit.

Just got the vocal tracks and a rough mix, and he's done it again. 🙄 ...and I know the drummer is going to be pee'd of with the changes.

A few years back one of our fans from back in the day asked if he could play a track of ours at his wedding. We decided to e-record it for him as a surprise. Backing tracks were done here and sent to vocalist in New Zealand, but when we got it back he'd completely changed the way he sang it, so it was a nice gift, but not quite what said fan really wanted ☹️

Now to be fair vocalist was the songwriter / lyricist and used to bring ideas to rehearsal, but he didn't play an instrument so songs were written from jams at rehearsal and developed from his 'it goes something like this' dum di dums. Not that it has ever been an issue, but I know if there had been any money made from a song we'd probably have ended up with difficult discussion re ownership. 

Whilst we might like a fairly faithful rendition of the original version, he has revamped the vocal lines - not as much as with the other song - but I suspect there will be mutterings from the ranks 🙄

Not sure myself. Played a rough mix to wifey this morning and she loves it, so what do I know 🤣

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Could ask if you are not going to 'refresh' the track then is there any reason (technology improvements aside) to re-record 40 years down the line?

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15 minutes ago, Mykesbass said:

Could ask if you are not going to 'refresh' the track then is there any reason (technology improvements aside) to re-record 40 years down the line?

Just because really 🤣 Always liked the song and I've no idea where the cassette of the original studio recording, or even if I could play it back. I just know that others may go hmmmmm

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My old band from the 90s did this in lockdown. It was fun, but we self destructed even quicker as adults communicating electronically than we did as teens/20s face to face 🤣🤣 We were great back in the day, ‘nearly made it  an all. I’m thankful for the whole thing though. It relit my fire for bass while I was in early recovery it was really therapeutic and I was amazed to find my fingers could remember how to play songs I’d forgotten even existed.  The results are on YouTube but I’m keeping Schtum as the whole thing could’ve turned out better and my playing was very much in rusty, post viral, hardly played bass in a decade mode. ;)

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Now finished (I think), and a link to it HERE

Good news is there was no comment about the slight change in style, so all's good 😁 Might even get to play it again if the vocalist makes it back to the UK for a visit next year

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About 5 years ago I rerecorded a song we wrote in first band, almost  4 decades ago. I play all the parts, drums created with Ableton live. The instruments are played played better and it sounds better in new version. I suppose back then we did not have DAW.

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