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I bought a guitar.

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Play some piano, a little harmonica, but I never really got into guitar. bought one of these. Ive heard great things. I do a lot of research etc before I buy any musical instrument. £99 for an ash bodied Tele.!!!!!?? It does make me wonder why I have a very expensive bass. Maybe in the future I might bypass a Fender Tele and get a Suhr.  It is a Harley Benton TE30


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Look very nice. Good luck with it!

I bought a Squier Tele for about £150 earlier this year, and it's great..... so totally with you ref cheap/expensive instruments.


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That's a tidy-looking Tele - and a good excuse for a pic of my bargain J&D Thinline, which currently goes for £118.


Didn't expect much for £100-odd quid but I was completely gobsmacked by the quality. setup & attention to detail. My favourite guitar by a long way - and I already have an E serial MIJ Squier Strat & a Yamaha SG that's worth about 15 times what this cost.

The quality of budget guitars these days is ridiculous!

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