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Marky Screen

*SOLD* Pumpernickel – Schalltechnik_04 Compressor £60 inc. UK postage

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Clearing out more pedals.

Got this from @Bigwan I think a while back on here.

What's to say. It's the dogs danglers if you into that dbx, Keeley bassist, mxr bass comp vibe. Just great transparent compression without affecting your tone.

It kicks all the above comps behinds tbh at half the money.

Better gain reduction metering. Clean blend. Hard/soft knee settings. Active/Passive switch for wide range of input levels.

Not touchy to set or grabby like the mxr and feels a lot more consistent and less aftifacty with the blend to my ears.

Great low ratio smoothing and making notes more even or great as peak limiter with the high ratio and dynamic automatic attack/release.

Bit sad as I'll probably not have one again now but I have two other compressore that I've got to be more than happy with so it may as well get used instead of sat on a shelf.

Velcro on the bottom 

Price includes UK postage.






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21 minutes ago, Thunderbird said:

Damn why do things you want come up for sale when you're broke 😢

Cos we all want everything all the time 😂

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Great pedal. Pain in the derrière to build with those LEDs though 😂

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