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Warwick Dolphin Pro 2 - Now £549.Shipped

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Warwick Dolphin Pro 2 - £549 Shipped Mainland UK

No Trades.

Recently got this back.....but need to recoup funds and be sensible.

Warwick Dolphin Pro 2.

No serial number anywhere that I can see.  There are varying accounts as to whether the were made in Germany or Japan - plenty of info online should you want to research more.  Although , that said, I don't think you'll find a clear answer on it!!  Fairly rare basses and even more so in the burst finish, I think I have only seen one other burst finish (in green) with the others being solid colours.

Definitely a Pro 2, not a Pro 1 as stated on the truss rod cover!.

2 J type pickups, pull up on volume pot to bypass the active loom.  Controls are Volume / Blend and a stacked bass/Treble EQ.

In my time of ownership it has had a new truss rod as the previous one was ineffective - an easy slide in and out job on these pre volute necks.

The ding on the underside was also touched up for cosmetic reasons and to prevent it getting any worse.

As well as the normal dings and dents commensurate with age there is a hairline crack originating from a tuning peg screw and a lacquer split from a control cavity screw.These were checked over by the guitar tech  (Manchester Guitar Tech - Steve Robinson) who fitted the new truss rod and I was told they are stable, they've also had some glue dropped in for added peace of mind.  There has been no movement in these in the 7 years that I've owned the bass.   Understandably, that is a comment you'll have to take on trust / at face value, but please see my feedback for assurance of an honest / open transaction.

Weight is 3.8Kg









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Dammed COVID skintness!!!!!😡 I had a black one years ago and always regret selling it, I’d love this 

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Lovely insruments!  I bought one off here a few months ago and love it - a real keeper 🙂  I wish I could afford this one too, a lovely finish,


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I had a black one too; great bass. I’ve had 2 actual Pro 1s and it was comfortably better than the ‘96 (although not quite as nice as the ‘91). Great necks on these. 

I sold mine to a friend and it’s been his main bass ever since; he gets a tremendous tone out of it.

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