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Jule Monique Dove Cage + Gig Bag - OHPF
South Oxfordshire

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Do bass amps come any better than this? Genuinely never thought I'd sell this but I'm using modelling amps these days and I have a few big bills to pay . . .


There are pages & pages of personal reviews of Jule Potter's marvellous Monique, both here and over on Talkbass. It's simply one of the best valve/tube pre-amps ever made. Note that this particular one has the pull/push option on both line level and sensitivity. It's a fairly expensive job to work on these over here in the UK so it's much better to have one that already has this functionality.

Works equally well on-stage or in a studio environment. I've used this set-up 2-3 times live and twice in a studio for recording. In fact the last time I recorded anything the studio engineer couldn't stop raving about how lovely Monique sounded. Normally he insists on using his own house DI system but was intrigued by Monique and made an exception for me :)

As mentioned above they've only been gigged a few times and in the studio twice. The rest of time it's nestled in the little gig bag or sitting on top of my Bergantino 2x10 for home practice. It's immaculate and everything works without a single scratchy pot. 

From what i can see Monique is currently priced at over £1,600 and the gig bag adds another £150 making a total new price of £1,750.

In all honesty, nothing in the world of bass amplification looks quite as funky as the Monique in Dove Cage format!

I am happy to ship to UK or EU at cost provided that payment is made in advance - either by Bank Transfer or PayPal friends & family.

First pic below is the actual unit & other pics are stock shots simply because they are better than I can take:


Note: Minnie 800D is NOT included in this sale!






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On 12/09/2020 at 20:08, fretmeister said:

If you did split how much would the 800D cost?

I’d loosely allowed for:

Monique: £1,200

800D: £500 NOW SOLD

Bag: £75


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One unit sold - price adjusted
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Had a couple of people ask about splitting the Monique out & selling separately.

Wasn't sure about this as the case is designed to carry both but the Jule website still sells this case for Monique only and shows how you could use it just for cables :)

With that in mind I'll split them up if anyone wants just Monique & her case - I'll take £1,225 for them :)


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Would be interested in a possible trade for a decent powered stage monitor - realise it’s a bit of a long shot but you never know 😉

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