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Tele-48 MockyBird

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Decided to do a build with parts I have hanging around to clear the decks.

I had a block of Black Limba and a P bass Lyte neck - beautiful feeling thing it is.

Mocked up my own shape with obvious influences, and did all the carving via hand with my Japanese pull saws, spoke shaves,  Chisels and a Shinto saw. The rounding off was with a router as is the neck pocket, I did a heap of sanding via hand, but I did weaken and use an orbital sander and an oscillating one to finish off.

The current state is with tinted grain filler from Rothko Frost (great company) and I will Tru-oil finish it (it’s actually gun oil)


I do like a gnarly bit of wood look

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On 31/07/2020 at 12:14, Cuzzie said:



I do like a gnarly bit of wood look

Now that is a beautiful piece of wood.😎

I'm really looking forward to seeing it after the Tru-oil is finished. 

Looks like another great project! 

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I’ll try to get it done by the SW bass bash and if it’s any good bring it so long as folk don’t expect  a polished instrument and a few bits rough around the edges, I’m no @Jabba_the_gut yet.

Hoping for a solid player 

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