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*SOLD* Fender Jazz Bass 1973
Hilversum The Netherlands

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Great Fender Jazzbass 1973 with OHSC. Apart from the bridge pickup being replaced with a same but ‘75 grey bottom at some time it is 100% original. Very comfortable player,  light, good balance, slim neck and low action. Nice growly fat Jazzbass sound. These early 70's Fenders have something different going on. And oh yes, the bass has some love signs but all works fine, including the trussrod.



















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Birthday bass right there..... Sweet mother of jesus... Thought to myself "Surely the old girl wont throw my geriatric derrière out during lockdown" 🤔 who really needs an holiday when you,ve been at home for 10 wks 😎

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I'm not usually a big fan of Jazz basses, but that one could change my mind. GLWTS!

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    • By TomWIC
      Had my eye on one of these for years now, but either found them too hard to come by or out of my price range. And then one gets posted on an online guitar raffle site (I won’t post the name just so it doesn’t look like I’m promoting them but I’m happy to say which one by PM).
      I’ve bought tickets for various draws over the past couple of months but never had any luck. Was all prepared to give up and then I go and win this bloody beauty! Absolutely over the moon with it, it’s beautiful and a dream to play and so light!
      I just need to make the tricky decision to restring and set it up for either Drop A# or Drop C!

    • By SurroundedByManatees
      Fender Coronado Bass ll 
      Very nice example of a Wildwood ll Coronado Bass, made in early 1968 (neck dated Jan 18th). It's a true beauty with a rare highly flamed maple neck and lollipop tuners. The bass appears to be all original and is in very good shape for its age. It has finish checking around and some small damages, but nothing significant. 

      The Coronado has been setup with tapewounds which suit the bass very well. It can do some vintage sounds as well as some more punchy modern tones. It sounds great when played with either fingers or pick. 
      A sturdy epiphone hardcase is included in the sale. 
      Asking €3.250
      As for trades/partial trades I am mainly interested in a good precision (everything between a vintage Fender or better Japanese copy, good Squier...), old Music Man Sabre (walnut preffered), ampeg v4(b) amp, nice Fender strat or (vintage) offset guitar.... 
      I am located in the Netherlands, but am happy to ship at buyers risk..
    • By RiverofDeceit69
      *Price Drop £325*
      For sale/ trade here is my Cort Bass GB75 JH in Trans black
      Owned for about two years, played many shows and recorded with it but I'm no longer in a hardcore band, so I don't need a 5 string.
      Omega Bass bridge Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound J-Bass pickup in the neck Hipshot Ultralite Machine heads Swamp Ash Body 2 Band EQ, pickup selector, volume Maple neck (with a nice flame maple) Humbucker in the back ( great stingray tone) Spoke wheel truss rod adjustment (like those on musicman basses) comes with gig bag Ideally I'd like to trade it for a bass in the same price range (preferably fretless)
      Few nicks here and there on the body, and a few up the neck but nothing noticeable.
      The battery cover on the back came off unfortunately.
      one of the tuning pegs is slightly bent, but works perfectly still.
      The neck pickup is a bit temperamental due to soldering work, but its a 2 minute fix to re-solder the wire - I just don't have access to a soldering iron right now.
      Other than that, it's in full working order and good condition


    • By blackdixon
      Price drop now: £2000

      Fender Custom Shop Jazz in Olympic White 2011.
      Made in the USA. Comes with black G&G fender case, pickup/ bridge covers, fender strap and docs. Fender Relic - Very cool cellulose checking.
      Sounds fantastic, sorry to see her go but moving from J to P

      Would consider an exchange for a Custom Shop Relic Precision 59-60 (preferably custom colour) or maybe a lightweight 70's original.

      Cheers Andy

    • By bootleg
      ***Price Drop***
      Now £1500
      Up for sale (no trades please) is my 2016 American Vintage '63 Precision in faded sonic blue with rosewood fingerboard. In immaculate condition, only played indoors, never gigged or rehearsed. There's some minor checking on the heal and upper horn, but in a very fetching and tasteful way (flash coat acquer). Been after one of these for ever, but despite many attempts, it just hasn't grabbed me. I have enough Precisions, got a new kitchen on the way, and I'd like someone else to give it the love it deserves. Of course, these are discontinued, and they are extremely well made recreations of the 1963 era P bass. Many details elsewhere on line, but key specs from my perspective:
      alder body flash coat lacquer (minor checking which I've tried to show) maple C shaped neck (some nice figuring on the neck) round-laminated rosewood fingerboard, 7.25" radius 1.74" nut width bone nut American Vintage '63 Precision Bass Split Single-Coil 20 vintage style frets (well dressed, 20th fret has some slap wear from the shop not from me) Vintage reverse tuners 3-ply mint green pickguard chrome pickup and bridge covers, lower finger rest, clay-coloured dot inlays, auxiliary strap button on headstock American Vintage Bass bridge with Threaded Steel "Barrel" Saddles Vintage blonde case with red interior Case candy (Fender flats on the bass, the rounds got used) 4.03kg/8.9llbs on my fish scales Happy to ship at buyers expense in Great Britain.
      Very difficult to capture the subtlety of the faded sonic blue on camera.


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