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Richard Jinman

SOLD Sire V7 Marcus Miller Second Gen £280 sale or trade
Babcary, Somerset

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Up for sale is my Sire V7 Marcus Miller Second Gen 4-string bass with the Sire gig bag. The bass is a natural and is essentially in new condition as shown by the pictures I hope. I can't see a mark or a ding on it which shouldn't be too surpising because I've only had it 3 months and the guy I bought it from says he purchased it new from Anderton's this year. So why am I selling? It's not an entirely (or even slightly) rational reason considering I've only started playing this year and the Sire is more bass than I need at my level. I love the jazz bass format and I've decided I want a passive jazz and I want to spend a bit of money to get something I love. So on the off chance someone has a nice Fender Jazz - I'd love an American standard - and wants to trade I'd be happy to do a trade and cash deal for instruments worth up to £900. It seems unlikely however, so I suspect it will be a straight sale. I'm in Somerset so I'm happy to courier the instrument at buyer's cost to anywhere in the UK (and the EU as well I guess). 

I haven't photographed the gig bag, but its pristine like the bass. I know people are going to ask how much it weighs, but I don't have any scales here unfortunately. Hoping that information is available online. As far as I know the bass is completely standard so the spec will be as below: 


Body Material: Swamp Ash / North American Alder

Pickguard: Ivory Pearl  / Tortoise


Neck Material: 1 Piece Hard Maple

Neck Shape: C-Shape

Scale: 34”

Fingerboard: Hard Maple / Ebony

Fingerboard Radius: 9.5”

Frets: Medium, 20 Frets

String Nut: Natural Bone

Neck Joint: 4 Bolt Steel Square Plate


Pickups: Marcus Super Jazz Advanced

Electronics: Marcus Heritage - 3 with Middle-Frequency Control

Controls: Volume / Tone (Dual Pot), Pickup Blender, Treble, Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot), Bass, Mini Toggle (Active / Passive )


Knobs: Jazz Type Black Plastic

Bridge: Heavy Mass Standard

Tuning Gear: Premium Open-Gear

Hardware Finish: Chrome











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Would you be able to post / courier and if so how much? Collection would be impossible at the moment.

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Yes, happy to post, but another guy in Manchester also wants it. I’ll check cost of postage and see who wants to go ahead and buy.

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Hermes is quoting £16.49 to deliver - if it was picked up tomorrow you'd get it on Monday. I'd also need to buy a bass box because it seems unwise to send it in just the gig bag. They're £14. I think the Hermes price only includes £25 of insurance cover so you'd need to think about whether you want to take a chance on that or cover replacement value. Cheers, Richard

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Please don’t use Hermes.  Pay the extra - sent one fully insured same price for £27 with UPS collected from my doorstep. Next day delivery.  Hermes lose parcels as a matter of course in my experience.  Had many sleepless nights due to their rubbish service.

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12 hours ago, Kevdbass said:

Please don’t use Hermes.  Pay the extra - sent one fully insured same price for £27 with UPS collected from my doorstep. Next day delivery.  Hermes lose parcels as a matter of course in my experience.  Had many sleepless nights due to their rubbish service.

Kev sent a bass to me via UPS was spot on quick and no damage 

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