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Helix LT - SOLD
Yeovil, Somerset

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Helix LT. 

Sale or trade for an HX Stomp.

I got this from the Guitarist in my band who didn't get on with it, it is about 3 months old, still has the plastic but not box. I had always wanted one but now I have one, it is too big for me to really use that well. At the moment I have too much stuff, so if I am not going to be using it much, I might as well get rid of it - shame but I am trying not to horde. I have a Helix HX for gigging so I thought I could sell this and get a Helix Stomp as a practice tool for my chapman stick, so happy to talk about doing a trade for a helix stomp if you have one and want to upgrade.

Happy to take any money that doesn't involve me losing stuff, so  F&F paypal or bank transfer, or best still, cash.

Pickup from Yeovil, or delivery / meetup somewhere within an hour would be ideal - so Brisol, Bath, Exeter, Poole sort of way, failing that I can look into posting. As I say, I don't have the orignal box.



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Oh go on, you know you are all stuck in the house, might as well pretend you are in front of a giant stack :D


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I'm in the market for one of these - my own was stolen three weeks ago! I'll PM you shortly.

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Someone please buy this before my self restraint crumbles! :D 

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    • By Patrick
      I bought this unit a couple of years ago and never really got the hang of it. It's never been gigged and in fact has rarely been turned on. Music is a hobby only, I am not a gigging musician. It comes with the original box and all the inclusions,
      It's in vgc and full working order with all the latest software already loaded.
      There is one slight cosmetic mark on the casing above the foot pedal (which I have just noticed and is annoying  ) that have tried to picture but other than that it is as new.
      I also have a Line 6 Variax Standard (again as new) that I intend to unload if any one is interested.

    • By pajhartley
      FS only (unless you have a Limelight Precision or Jazz you want to trade!).
      Very good condition Line 6 Helix Floor, updated to latest firmware & fully working with no issues (at least none that I've experienced). Cosmetically it's been gigged but there are no obvious signs of wear or damage.
      Also comes with a genuine Line 6 Helix gig bag/back pack, all zips etc working as they should & again in used but very good condition.
      I'm only selling as I find the HX Effects sufficient for gigs, & use Helix Native with my DAW.
      It's a superb unit for the gigging bassist, especially if you play in covers bands (because you can get any tone you need, & use the amp/cab sims to go straight to FOH) or a band which uses multiple tunings (I find the snapshots incredibly useful for this).
      New, the Helix Floor is £1,200 & the backpack is £120, so £850 seems fair, but as I say, I'm open to trades for Limelight basses, or conceivably a high-end Ibanez 4- or 5-string.
      Collection preferred from Bournemouth, but I can travel to deliver with the usual COVID restrictions in place at present.
      Thanks, Pete
      IMG_3276.HEIC IMG_3956.HEIC IMG_7253.HEIC
    • By Jack
      EDIT - This thread originally included a lot of accessories which have now sold, Helix and floor control unit is £950
      Hello all,
      As part of my constant gear merry go round I am selling my Line 6 Helix. I'm looking to downsize and consolidate some gear, mainly because I'm gigging less now and when I do we have full PA support.
      So to that end: Line 6 Helix Rack + Floor Control
      Mint condition top-flight modelling unit. Not only has this Helix spent its entire life in a rack but it's had strain relief connectors on every cable (see photos) and it's always been used with a wireless unit and a control pedal, it's barely even been touched! I'm a bass player but obviously this is just as good with guitar. This is the king of the Helix family and has every feature under the sun. Why am I selling it if I rate it so highly? Well because I'm barely tickling the surface of what it can do and so I'm moving it on. Unit is boxed with manuals and I've never used the $99 native deal although I have registered the Helix for the warranty. I even still have the Helix USB key.
      I'm near Newcastle if anyone wants to come and try it out. I can post it quite happily, message me and we'll work out a courier price. I'm also happy to deliver pretty much anywhere in the North East for petrol money. Lastly, my brother lives in Northallerton so delivering them around that area isn't a problem. 
      Cash is, as always, preferred but I could be persuaded to trade, let me know what you've got. I'm especially interested in:
      Sire Jazz V2 Fender Rumble Stage 2x10" Cabinet Maple/Sunburst P bass Warwick Schecter Spector Shure GLXD16 try me, I'll take pretty much any bass that will be easy to sell on

    • By Muppet
      Needs must,  no function band any more and new shiny things imminent so here's my full fat Helix up for sale, complete with the official Line 6 rucksack/carry bag. 
      I bought it new from Bass Direct where it had been a show demo, so it had a full Yamaha refurb before me. It is is perfect working order.  It's running 2.81 which is the latest version and has always updated perfectly every time. 
      There are some tiny scuffs which I have tried to photograph but they've been touched up, and it also sports a full set of display protectors from Intime Nick's Designworx company. These are easily removable with no fixings left behind. 
      It's a solid, weighty bugger so if it can be collected or we can meet then that would be preferable but I can post if necessary though that would cost extra. 
      No trades please unless it's a Barefaced retro 610. 
      (Sorry about the photos.my phone takes these extra wide images!)

    • By andybassdoyle
      For sale, my Helix LT. Awesome machine, sounds are great and the routing/control options are fantastic.
      Will add some pics shortly but condition is excellent, just the usual minor marks and a bit of dust from use. Has been gigged but lives on a board in a mono case so well looked after.
      Boxed with power cable. I'm in Norwich but happy to ship, I'm guessing around £20 in the UK, further afield is ok but I've no idea on pricing.
      Firmware is 2.8 - I believe they have just released 2.81 but I've not got into that yet....
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