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ONE Available - Barefaced One10, 1 for Sale, 290 collected

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Now just selling one of these.

Amazing little cabinets, that really pack a punch for the size. Only selling as I fancy a change and something a little bigger. Not that these can't keep up!

In great condition, only things to mention are a bit of Tolex peel on the back, and the cover of one of the straps has gone missing at some point. - have since found this!

Comes with fitted cover.















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    • By JapanAxe
      I bought this cab direct from Barefaced in 2013. You can find the full spec here.

      I have used it paired with a Barefaced Compact (1x15), or on its own. Used alone with a decent amp (in my case, Ampeg 50W valve or Demeter 800W Class D) it is perfectly capable of filling a large hall. And it weighs only 9kg. Barefaced suggest using it with an amp in the 150W-600W range - I seem to recall the thermal maximum was around 400W. At some point it may struggle to compete with your own version Keith Moon or John Bonham, but it is still a very capable cab.

      It has the more expensive (and lighter) vintage-style grille cloth and comes with a Roqsolid cover which has done a grand job of protecting it when travelling to and from gigs in my car. The cover has worn through in one spot (see photos). There is some light scuffing to the handle mounts.

      Why am I selling? I now have a Barefaced Super Twin for larger gigs, and a Barefaced One 10 for smaller ones. Much as I would love to keep the Midget, I need the cupboard space, and my toy fund is running low from lack of gigging!

      Yours for £329 including insured delivery to mainland UK.

    • By Bass Wielder
      Various bass cabs (1x12, 2x10). All ready to be gigged. Built by a fellow bass player (now sadly deceased) and all have been gigged tested by him and myself.
      Unknown (to me) drivers and tweeters (he used a variety of stuff but he was a nitpicker so never crap) with solid wood construction and hardware (he was an engineer as well), plus great power handling and nice sounding (each different sounding but that’s obvious and subjective I suppose). 
      My recommendation is to come view/test and take away upon buying (I’m confident that you’ll be pleased! Plus that will save on shipping as cabs are not lightweight).
      From: £100 each 
      Ask away.....
      Edits for approx specs:
      1) 2x10 (in line) - 8ohms, 17.8kg (39.24lbs), speakon connector)
      2) 2x10 (diagonal, metal grill/black screws)- 4ohms, 21.2kg, jack connector.
      3) 1x12 (plain cloth grill)- jack connector, 6 ohm, 12.6 kg
      4) 2x10 (diagonal, metal grill/silver screws)- 18.8kg, 4ohm
      5) 1x12 (sparkling cloth grill)- 6 ohm, 15.4 kg, Jack connector.

    • By jasperjames
      Super Twelve T (black steel grill) gen 2, forbear of the Super Twin.
      Bought new in 2012, and lightly gigged - mostly for practice at home.
      Upgraded Super Twelve “T” model with high quality tweeter with custom built crossovers.
      Also upgraded neodymium drivers.
      I absolutely love this cab, only 18kg, fits neatly in the car boot and sounds insane - sorry to part with it but haven't had much excuse to play in recent times.
      It even has wheels!
      Black grill and front edges showing a bit of wear (see pictures) from a few scrapes on the road, but overall in good condition and sounding fab.
      Original spec: https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/super-twelve.htm
      Collection from Portsmouth (PO4, Southsea area) - any questions just shout  

    • By ryancowell25
      For Sale only -
      a Barefaced Super 12 (Gen 2) in  good condition.
      No way I would be selling this if I wasn't replacing with an impending Barefaced Super Twin 2. Absolutely excellent one cab solution, never let me down on any gig from pubs to outdoor festivals. I'll be sorry to see it go.  Comes with a ROQSOLID cover. I'm willing to courier this but would need to look at cost.
      PM me any questions. Can take more photos if necessary.
      Looking for £575

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