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Sold - "Tobacco burst" Yamaha BB1024

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Lovely. These are absolutely great basses and so much quality for the money.

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Thanks mrtcat😀

I also have the "caramel brown" (which looks more like orange to me ha) 1024x and just had a custom clear scratch plate fitted to replace the standard black one-looks fantastic and as you say, has so much quality for this money.

This one for sale is a lovely player too.

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    • By Quasar79
      I am selling my beautiful Yamaha TRB 5Pii with maple top. The bass has a few dings and dongs, but is electronic 100% (see pictures).
      The bass is all original, except the string tree, which is added by the previous owner.
      The bass isn't that long in my possession and was more of a 'once in a lifetime chance' to get to play this wonderfull and hard to find bass. But i don't take it as often as my Yamaha BB5000, which is a whole different peace of bass.
      The bass has a perfect B-string, low action and weights 4.8kg. It is a bit heavy, but the sound is enormous.
      I am asking 1600 pounds. I think this is a reasonable price, according to more sales on the internet. If not, please let me know!
      Looking for cash, but a trade + cash is also an option. Shipping is possible, i can find a case and i have a box. Pickup is possible in The Netherlands or Germany.

    • By willellisbass
      Up for sale is my mint condition Yamaha TRB-JP2 in the gorgeous Translucent Red colour.
      Bought brand new a few months back, only seen light home use. Selling to fund another bass buy.. same old problem! 
      Comes with hardshell case and case candy.
      Will sell for listed price or trade for a similar condition Yamaha BBNE2.
      Pickup in Hull.
      Specs are listed below, any questions give me a shout! 
      Construction - Bolt-on
      Scale Length - 35" (889mm)
      Fingerboard - Ebony
      Radius - 40" (1000mm)
      Frets - 26
      Body - Figured Maple/Ash/Alder/Maple
      Neck - Maple
      Bridge - Solid Brass
      Pickups - Side by Side Double Balancer, 3 Band EQ
      Controls - Master Volume, Pickup Balancer, 3 Band EQ

    • By DarylClayton
      Hi all
      A great bass from the Yamaha custom shop in Japan, bought new from Yamaha Music London in Soho in 2017.
      I have been gigging with this bass for 2 years and it has never let me down. The build quality is fantastic and the neck is solid. I just fancy trying something new and different so would like to raise funds for a new bass.
      You can hear me playing it live in the video below where I had the bass set on the neck pick up just like a P Bass.
      I have mainly used it in P Bass mode and it is great for Motown and Soul and Disco music and sits perfectly in the mix.
      The added benefit of switching between pick ups creates a variety of different sounds and the tone dial has a lot of depth to it depending on how much you roll on or off. For example, you can get a great Jaco sound from the bridge pick up and then a quick change to sounding like Jamerson on the neck pick up. It's like having two basses in one. Or you can have a great Jazz Bass sound with plenty of bite and punch on both pick ups.
      It is in great condition and comes with a Yamaha case and certificate. Come and check it out.
      My feedback is here https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/298215-feedback-for-darylclayton/?tab=comments#comment-3211013

    • By Mickyk
      After a bit of advice really .If you were to replace the already decent sounding pups in the above bass ?what would you change them too ,and why. 
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