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COG T70 / HOF mini / Corona mini
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Couple of pedals for sale / trade if anyone is interested (all in mint condition - pretty sure have boxes for the two TC electronic ones). Add £5 for P&P.

COG T70 Octaver - three Octavers in one box with an FX loop. Great unit just too much pedal board real estate for me these days. Nails the classic OC2 sound and then you've still got two other octavers to mess on with 1f642.png:) £240 new plus build time - £150 gets it.

TC electronics Corona chorus - about £70ish new. £40 gets it.

TC electronics HOF reverb - about £90ish new. £50 gets it.

Trades wise - weird and wonderful FX mainly but would consider small heads too potentially (just try me!).


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I wanted a T70 for ages but don’t want to get to the point where I have 4 octavers again. Though this one is wonderful with the loop options. Great price and seller too. 

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Concur - awesome pedal but I just can't squeeze it in!

For the record Dodge is not dodgy! Top bloke, deal with confidence!

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42 minutes ago, Quatschmacher said:

So, what is staying? Still using the Octabvre MKII?

Yeah that plus an couple of OC2’s. This is definitely overkill for my needs now!

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    • By JacobM135
      Moving on due to grabbing a markbass head recently.
      Power cable supplied

    • By woodyratm
      Looking to shift my Custom COG Effects "Snake" Switcher. It's an LS-2 on Steroids with controls for A or B & A + B. All with phase inversion switches. 
      It works amazingly for adding a clean blend to signals, or for blending effects together - I used it generally as a clean loop for my fuzz tones. Clean/Dirty or Clean + Dirty. It worked brilliantly. Selling due to purchasing a HX unit. 
      Control settings from Tom himself:-
      Top two knobs are the individual levels for A or B mode, bottom two knobs are the levels for A and B mode. Right footswitch for A and B mode, left footswitch to swap between A and B. Input jack bottom right, sends above them, corresponding returns directly opposite, out bottom left. Will take 9-18v DC, though I've only clipped it at crazy levels so you should be fine with just 9v.
      Looking about £90 + postage.

    • By Savethedaves
      Time to thin the herd a little bit to raise some cash.
      TC Electronic Ditto Looper - £SOLD
      Fantastic little looper. Owned from new, bought on a whim and barely used.
      Earthquaker Devices Arpanoid - £SOLD
      Very versatile and unique arpeggiator pedal - loads of options at a the click of the wheel! DEFINITELY worth checking out some videos of this pedal in use. Can also act as a decent octave pedal!
      EHX - Pitchfork £SOLD
      Super snappy little pitchshifter. So many options. Sounds beautiful with 6th shift. Super beautiful. 
      EHX - Superego £120
      Inspiration in a box. Washy, bendy, synthy amazingness. Really don't want to sell.
      Ibanez SB7 - £70
      A stunning and difficult to find synth/envelope pedal. Sounds amazing stacked or by itself with dynamic playing.

    • By AxelF
      SOLD: TC Electronic Spectracomp for sale - a fantastic little compressor and in a tiny pedal, get access to all the TC compressor toneprints. Boxed and in mint condition with velcro on the bottom, amazing range of compression toneprints ranging from subtle to an audible 'effect' - I've just decided I like the visual metering of my MXR compressor. Now just £45 including UK delivery. No trades sadly, am clearing stuff ahead of a house move.

    • By jarc11
      *** NOW SOLD ***
      Love this compressor, it's been on my board for about a year but I'm just about to take delivery of a SpectraDrive so no need for this anymore.
      There's a bit of velcro on the bottom and the price includes postage.
      Let me know if you need any further info!

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