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Does this Hipshot Extender look right to you? (GB7)

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Hope this is the right place to ask (tuning pegs don't feel like an "accessory" to me...?), sorry to all is it's not.

Wanted to ask opinions on this GB7 tuning key i picked up from the classifieds on here, as i've never used one and i'm not sure what is normal with these things.

As seen in the pics below, the full plate on the tuning key doesn't sit flush against the headstock, but about 1mm away from it on one side. The hole is deffo the right size and the right angle, so i'm sure that's not it, but the plate is so solid i just can't imagine how it has bent without showing any other signs of damage. 

I can't see how this would effect the operation of the key, but wanted to ask opinions of the folks on here before the final fitting.

Any input welcomed with gratitude.




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The plate should be flush with the headstock. Isn't there a washer in between ?

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I've had a few extenders and that plate is always flat so it fits flush against the headstock.

It's hard to imagine how it has come to be curved like that. I suppose it's possible that it's within manufacturing tolerances. Have you asked Hipshot customer support about it? They are usually helpful.

You could dismantle the Extender and try straightening it if you have a vice.



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