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String identification

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Dear all, I have just bought a double bass that came with a spare set of strings. I have searched but unable to find what the make the strings are. Can someone help identify?

E, black

A, blue

D, green

G, red


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I’ve been trying to do the same as @paddy109

I’ve looked at the various charts google throws up and I’m not sure what’s on mine.

Purple ball end with purple & green tuner end. Possibly Dominants?

They are too stiff for my liking, but sound mahoosive arco. 
It would be handy to have some idea as I’ll be looking to move them on and get something more suited to pizz/slap.

Sorry for poor image of scroll end, but purple and green is there. 


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I tried loads of different sets of strings on my previous bass and settled with Innovation Silver and Golden Slaps - I found them great for both pizz/slap. 

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