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King Tut

Parting Out Geddy Bitsa Jazz - Some Vintage Parts
Milton Keynes

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Parting out a Jazz Bass which is based around a MIJ Geddy Lee Body. I've not been too sure about pricing - so just gonna suck it and see for the time being. I'll be as honest as I can about the bits and can provide further pics on request. With regard the vintage parts, these came from a bass that I dated to 74 via the pot codes and neck stamp (the neck has since gone).

Geddy Lee MIJ Body

Not sure of the year but bought off here around ten years ago. It's been refinished by Andy Viccars in Nitro Olympic White which has since aged to a gorgeous cream colour. There are inevitable dings and scratches which add to it's character. Pickguard included. Some buckle rash on the back and bottom - hard to photograph but hasn't broken the paint - £250


Allparts Jazz Neck Sold

Bought off here some time ago. Maple fretboard with black blocks and binding. Period correct Fender Decal. Plenty of life in the frets. Front face of headstock stained to imitate ageing. Additional hole for string tree that doesn't show from the front. This goes right through to the back of the headstock and can be seen but in my opinion is not intrusive. One Machine head screw hole had a screw break in it so has been dug out slightly. Not visible with Large Fender style Machines fitted. Slight mis-drill on heel only goes in a little way so neck screws on fine. Two sets of holes per machine - £150



1974 Fender Machine Heads, Ferrules and String Tree

In good working order. One of the large screws appears to be a replacement. Machine Head fitting screws included but they're a bit of a miss mash so not keen to say they're original. - £125


1974 Jazz Bass Control Plate

In good working order. Pots date to 51'st week of 1974. Messy soldering on top of pots, other joints all appear original. Screws included which may or may not be original - £125


Fender 'Original' Pickups

I believe these were fitted to the re-issue Geddy Lee Basses. Bought from here - one of the cloth wires is replaced with plastic - £40



All prices are collected from Milton Keynes - I'm willing to post at buyer's cost/risk.

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