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In this video lesson I show you three particular fretless techniques.

I also discuss my favourite fretless player who isn’t an obvious choice, and recommend an awesome album. 

The link to the full video lesson is below:


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    • By tricky
      2000 Musicman Stingray, Vintage Sunburst, Unlined fretless Pau Ferro fingerboard
      The body, neck and headstock are in fabulous condition.  It has had roundwound strings on it.. and because of this, shows some slight marks on the board, they are only slight though and this doesn't affect playability in any way 
      Comes with either a fairly tired gigbag or a fairly new generic tweed hard case (up to you)
      You're absolutely welcome to come and try at my studios in Stockport..  days, evenings or weekends
      I'd prefer a straight sale but feel free to send trade offers 
      Price drop to  £850 


    • By Chris2112
      I am considering selling my 1994 Pedulla Pentabuzz bass. I bought this bass in late summer 2017 through Basschat, and owning one was a goal and a dream come true but the reality is, I always tend to grab a fretted bass first. A change is as good as a rest, so I thought I'd offer this up tentatively for sale or trade to see if anything should take my fancy (fretted basses only). 
      This 1994 Peacock Blue Pedulla Pentabuzz comes with the original branded hard case, which is well-used but in good working order. The bass also comes with the Pedulla truss rod tool, though aside from having the bass set up a year ago, I haven't needed to use it. 
      The bass comes with the proprietary Bartolini electronics, namely a P/J pickup set and active preamp (controls for balance, volume and active tone control). The bass is 34" scale, with the original gold hardware. The wings are solid flamed maple and the fretboard is ebony, coated with the proprietary Pedulla Polyester treatment. It looks like glass and gives a distinctive tone. I'm not sure on the weight, and despite it's relatively small proportions it isn't a lightweight instrument due to the maple body. The balance is excellent, testament to Michael Pedulla's excellent design. Edit: weight as per the listing when it sold through Bass Direct is 4.7kg.
      The bass is in good condition though has obviously been a player rather than a case queen. This is reflected in the price. Before I had the bass, the previous owner had it cleaned and set up. The notably thin Pedulla clearcoat had worn in a few places on the body and neck, these were sealed over and feel as smooth as satin. There are a few small minor dings, and the control knobs are a little worn and slightly stiff (I never touch them, but I expect anyone with a desire to do so could take them off with an Allen key and lubricate inside, if not replacing outright). 
      The bass plays very well with a low action, and I have adjusted the pickup height to balance the volume. When I bought the bass, the bridge pickup was notably quieter than the neck pickup, though since I never use the neck pickup when playing this was a quirk that I didn't address for some time. 
      I can ship in the UK and Europe at the buyer's cost and with adequate insurance. I will entertain any trade offer as I don't have anything particular in mind other than a thought that I would find more use for a fretted bass than a fretless. I do have a particular fondness for anything with a bit of graphite in it, but other than that I am open to ideas. 
      A few pictures (including some from when it was sold at Bass Direct before I got hold of it). 

    • By greghagger
      Here is a video lesson on a classic Bob Marley song, I Shot The Sheriff. 
      This is a really nice reggae bass line to play, recorded by the iconic bassist, Family Man. 
      Click the link for the full lesson and free PDF download (there is a Tab version too). 
    • By silverfoxnik
      Hi Folks 
      I'm selling this Ibanez Musician Studio Fretless Bass on behalf of a friend of mine who's had it in his recording studio for many years but now wants to move it on. 
      Was up for £675, but It's now offered for sale at £595. 
      As can be seen in the photos, the bass and the case are in good condition for their age, considering they're getting on for 40 years old.  
      I think the bass is the lined fretless version of the Ibanez Musician ST924WN model, as can be seen here in this Reverb advert a few years ago:
      But hopefully, @Bassassin might be able to offer some words of wisdom on this and put me right if I've got it wrong .. 😁
      The bass has recently had a once over by a local guitar/bass tech, so all the electrics are working and it's properly set up. Strings are old though, so they will need changing by its new owner. 
      Having said that, this bass really has that fretless 'mwahh' sound and it's got seriously loud pick ups! There's a great range of tones available from the active circuitry too.. 
      For anyone seriously interested, the bass can be viewed and tested by prior appointment in the Littlehampton area of West Sussex. 
      With regards to shipping, its definitely possible to send it via an insured courier service (at buyers expense), but it is a heavy bass as I'm sure anyone looking at this advert with a serious interest in the bass will know.
      I haven't weighed it, but it is heavy!! It's kind of like a Rolls Royce of a bass really - everything about it is quality and it's been built to last! 
      Anyway, if you've any questions about the bass, please send me a PM and I'll go back to the owner to get you an answer, though that may take a few hours or so depending on his availability.
      Thanks for looking! 😊

    • By greghagger
      I have been working more on my fretless bass playing lately. 
      This is the tune for ‘I Still Believe I Hear’ by Marcus Miller. I managed to get the section before Marcus comes in, to practice playing along with the cello. 
      For me, the cello and fretless bass in general compliment each other beautifully. 
      PDF available in the video description on YouTube.  There is a Tab version too.
      If you want to develop your fretless playing, I have a video lesson with three fretless techniques that will help you. That is also on my Greg’s Bass Shed YouTube channel. 

      What tracks do you enjoy playing along to with your fretless?
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