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In this video lesson I show you three particular fretless techniques.

I also discuss my favourite fretless player who isn’t an obvious choice, and recommend an awesome album. 

The link to the full video lesson is below:


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Your contributions here and on YT deserve far more attention. I haven't watched this full vid yet but had a quick look with sound off (odd but had to). You mention practicing in the dark, which I reckon is a really good thing to do with fretless (or fretted for that matter).

Ont thing about ascending slides, even just a tone or semi. That nasty effect sometimes of the note becoming louder - the string energy being compressed into a shorter length. I've tried rolling back the fretting finger to put some fleshy contact onto the string and hence damp some of the vibrational energy. But I don't have the touch on this. It may seem a small thing but it sounds noticably bad on whole-tone up-slides, I mean it sure don't sound like Jaco.

I will watch the whole vid properly with sound, I'll definitely benefit from it.

Top work Greg, thanks for sharing so generously.

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Nice video, Greg. Good to hear a shout out for John Giblin, he enjoys a lot of love here on BC, but is pretty much unknown in the wider world, as you say (coincidentally, I was playing Babooshka with my band just last night). I will check out Grace & Danger.

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@ezbass I’ll have to check out some threads on here about John Giblin. 

You’ll love Grace And Danger if you like John Giblin as he’s featured on almost every track on the album! 

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      Practice your solo bass playing and start getting into the Christmas spirit with my very own Greg’s Bass Shed, Christmas Carol Solo Bass Medley. 
      Download a free PDF of the Medley (also a Tab version), and practice it with the backing track at the end of the video. The PDF link is in the video description on YouTube.
      I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making it. But be warned, it’s a bit of a ‘finger twister’ in places!
    • By Hellzero
      NOGUERA Fairplay Fretless 6, upgraded !
      Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £1100 GBP !!!
      In fully working condition and very good overall condition.
      Here are the specifications :
      Body : 2 plain wings of birdseye maple with 2 Macassar ebony stripes (wenge preamp cover)
      Neck : 3 pieces (neck through) hard rock maple
      Fingerboard : Macassar ebony
      Fretless : 24 positions on the C string going to 22 positions on the B string with short lines on the side and dots in the highs
      Headstock : 3 + 3 shape (angled)
      Pickups : EMG DC 45 in ebony covers (upgrade made by Christian Noguera)
      Preamp : EMG BQS-System 3 bands (upgrade)
      Controls : volume, blend, bass, stacked medium with frequency sweep (100 Hz to 1 kHz), treble
      Tuners : Gotoh GB-350 Res-O-Lite  which are the lightest tuners available (upgrade)
      Bridge : Noguera 2 pieces ebony with brass fully adjustable saddles
      Strings spacing at bridge : 17 mm
      Nut : bone
      Strings spacing at nut : 9 mm
      Knobs : original plastic EMG
      Scale : 34"
      Hardware colour : black
      Truss rods : 2 (fully working with one chrome and one black bullet, which is original)
      Finish : very light gloss
      Land of craftsmanship : France
      Serial number : FFAD6019
      Year : 03/1993
      Weight : 4,5 kilos
      Action : from a bit more than 1,5 mm under the C string to a bit more than 2 mm under the B string at 12th fret
      Will come with a Rockcase hard case as delivered by Noguera (big bottom body).
      Non-smoking environment as usual.
      The Fairplay fretless series was inspired by the Pedulla Buzz series with a quite similar body and a neck through construction. Thanks to the (now) full EMG electronics, this bass is very versatile with a Jaco reminiscent sound (even if it’s a Macassar ebony neck through). Listen to the small quick made sound clip (bass direct in the Steinberg UR-RT2 sound card, Cubase Pro 10 and exported to WaveLab Pro 9.5) to hear how it sounds. This bass has been fully shielded and is dead quiet. It’s close to a Noguera Expression Plus Custom as Christian doesn’t make neck through basses these days, so you’ll get mine for half the new price…
      Thanks to the Res-O-Lite tuners, it’s perfectly balanced.
      The bass has been fully set up professionally by Christophe LEDUC. It has a new battery, new output jack and has been fitted with a brand-new set of D’Addario EXL165-6 nickel round wound strings (30 - 45 - 65 -85 -105 -135).
      Link to the new Noguera Expression Plus Custom series : https://www.noguera-basses.com/basses_serie.php?serie_b=Expression
      Quick soundclip (no corrections) : https://drive.google.com/open?id=187j8pjlG4akSY8z1Q5HzLQfhlXkf4U2R
      What you see is what you get !
      Look at the pictures taken under different angles to see the real condition : some very few marks, due to the age, but nothing serious at all. The pickups have now real foam under them and what looks like a ding near the output jack is a wood drawing reflecting the light... The correct closest colour is the one on the 2nd to 7th photo.
      Don't hesitate to ask for more.


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      Hi Guys!
      Here's my Custom Fodera Emperor 5 strings Fretless for Sale or Trade.
      Myrtle Flame topwood. Alder Body. Seymours and Pope preamp. Born in December 2016.
      Selected Myrtle Top.
      Purplehart position lines.
      Thin and fast neck.
      MOP dots with Tulips at 12th and 24th frets.
      The Bridge Pickup interior Coil is 60's position.
      3 Way Switch to toggle between outside single, inside single, and dual coil modes.
      The instrument in very good condition! I used few gigs only. A little bump on the lower part, see picture.
      With Fodera Hard Case.
      This beauty in Budapest.
      If you have any Question, please write me!
      Cheers! Tamas
      Trade: 72 Fender Jazz, Lakland USA 5 strings, Alembic... plus money... 8-)





    • By Ted Theodore Logan, III
      Ok, so here's one for all you bc'ers that think you're better than the “regular" fretted bass player... 
      (I've got news for you... You ain't!!! 
      Well, maybe you are but your slap tone stinks and leaves much to be desired!!!...)

      However, in this insane “PC-World" (no affiliation to the “Curry's" franchise)
      I would not want to rule out any fretted players especially with myself (the incompetent musician I am) falling into said category.
      So here's a beast of Signature Custom Bass that will blow the proverbial socks off of ANY bass player's hooves... and may even encourage the fretted player to ACTUALLY learn where the notes are on a bass neck without the support of those “oh so convenient" vertical metal strips that they hammer into fingerboards so that bass players can have “one too many" down at the local and still produce a “passable" performance to the eight members of the audience (but mainly to the three who are actually listening).

      What we have here, I think, is a Gibson Les Paul model... NAH!! I'm just messing...
      It's a Tony Franklin Signature Custom Model Fretless Precision Bass with passive circuitry, ebony fretboard, three way selection switch, Hipshot tuner, a Tony Franklin Single-Coil Jazz Pickup with Hex Screw Pole Pieces and a Tony Franklin American Split Single-Coil Precision Bass mid pickup.
      As our good friend Sir David of Dickinson would say...
      “This IS the REAL deal!"
      B-E-autiful ebony fingerboard with none of that namby-pamby fret marking business!! 
      “... Err... which note is this..." 
      “Doesn't matter!!! You look BOSS!!"
      You got Tony's signature pickups there, ya know, both of them!!...
      The Jazz pickup is extra special and was coated with unicorn dust before being blessed by a Goddess and then lovingly placed into this gorgeous Nitrocellulose finished Fender P Bass body... “Mmmm, Nitrocelluliscious..." It's also got those fancy Hex Screw Pole Pieces and Ceramic Bar Magnets... You know the ones... 
      The middle pickup is also rather special as it's a Tony Franklin American Split Single-Coil Precision Bass pickup which, rumour has it, Tony Franklin invented whilst showing Jimmy Page how to de-fret his guitar and shred an axe like a real man!!! Apparently Jimmy playing fretless guitar never caught on but at least it birthed the amazing Tony Franklin American Split Single-Coil Precision pickup that is housed in this marvelous instrument today! 
      (Or so I've been told by a mate of Jimmy's... at the pub).
      For hardware you got an American Vintage Bass Bridge with Steel Barrel Saddles and Fender '70s Vintage-Style Open-Gear with Hipshot Bass Xtender "Drop D" on the E... and no that last part ain't rap lyrics.
      The neck width is 1.625" at the nut which is synthetic bone (not sure what creature they source that from). You got a 34" modern “C" shaped maple Fender neck, of course with the gorgeous ebony board. None of that fret marker nonsense though you do have side marking dots... Obviously it's a fretless but I reckon you got the equivalent to 22 frets... or is it 21?... I dunno but the length of the board will translate to that of a number of frets that you might find on another instrument that might have frets...
      Passive circuitry so there's no need to worry about a battery leaking when it's been stored in your temperature and humidity controlled cupboard for fifteen years cos you ain't got the skills to play it... 
      Basically this instrument is the Bee's knees after the Bee has had knee surgery and can now kick a bowling ball over the River Thames and into the window of 10 Downing Street, smashing the plastic cereal bowl that Boris Johnson is slurping his Wheetos from and incidentally covering the ludicrous man in softening cereal and chocolate flavoured milk...*(continued below)
      This IS a serious player's bass! Everything from it's high spec hardware down to it's Custom electronics and premium choice woods, Fender and Mr Franklin have teamed up to produce a real road warrior that has a build quality and sturdiness that you know was designed to outlast the A.I. war of 2027.
      Oh and check this quote out from Fender -
      “In an extra-personalized touch, the neck plate of the Tony Franklin Fretless Precision Bass is engraved with his signature."
      If that doesn't improve the sound and overall quality of the instrument and more importantly improve your bass playing tenfold then I don't know what would.
      I heard that Tony Franklin personally high-fived the guitar tech each time one of his Signature Fender P models was completed. Apparently Tony was between tour dates during this period and spent an unhealthy amount of time at the Fender Factory, much to the concern of many staff members... 
      In case you're wondering who the fudge Tony Franklin is... He's a session bassist dubbed “The Fretless Monster" because he lives in a Bayou in Louisiana, has no skeleton, five tentacles and 58 eyes. He mainly lives on a diet of swamp snake but will occasionally snack on other reptiles including turtles and small alligators. Despite his appearance and peculiar diet he has worked with many great musicians such as David Gilmore, Jimmy Page, Kenny Shepherd and even Whitesnake, though he did try to eat them once... 
      Basically he's good enough for a Fender Custom model and a bunch of great musicians allow him to perform on their tracks, so there ya have it... THIS BASS MUST BE AWESOME!!!
      The Bass is in MINT condition from New and really has only been used to motivate the partner to say “another bass guitar that you don't play..." 

      Comes with a rather well crafted deluxe Fender locking hardcase that really does look la-di-da.
      Collection and trial always welcome down in bumpkin town!! Can arrange insured courier or meet part way etc...
      *(Continued from 7 paragraphs up)  
      Contrary to what you might think, Boris actually congratulates the Bee on it's incredibly powerful and amazingly accurate left foot (yep, wasn't even it's right foot) and offers the Bee a job as his ghost writer for speeches, however the Bee politely declines and they part ways.
      The next morning Boris is back at number 10, again, eating his Wheetos only this time from a rather haphazardly taped together, broken plastic bowl. He's thinking to himself how amazing that Bee's kick was and how great it's speeches may have been if only it had accepted his offer to be his ghost writer, at that very moment Boris hears a smashing of glass and swooshing of air. A bowling ball comes crashing through the recently replaced window of number 10 and lands directly on top of Boris's already damaged plastic cereal bowl, this time damaging the bowl beyond any means of repair. 
      Boris slowly gets up from his booster chair, wipes some of the milk from his suit jacket and picks off a piece of softening cereal from his left cheek. He walks over to the broken window and leans on it's frame, looking outward through the shattered glass toward the rising sun across the cityscape and over into the endless and unseen horizon. 
      “What speeches that Bee might have written..." He says softly as a small, joyful yet melancholy smile begins to take shape across his face. 
      “C'est la vie", he thinks to himself, “c'est la vie...".

      Anyway check out the pics below...

      # Air-horn noise!!!

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