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EBS GORM ET 350 1x15 Combo with Tweeter

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IMG_2792F.thumb.jpg.d9f70d01b723c4ce5735c4704affb219.jpgMy EBS has been such a trusty workhorse for many years. It's in immaculate condition and sounds great.

Gone for some lighter gear. Buyer to collect please.

The cab sits on lockable castors.


If you're reading this you will already know how top notch EBS gear is. 

It's a very loud rig - I've never had it more than 50% for the biggest gigs playing pop and rock.

It's got everything you would want from a high end combo;

Compressor, Phantom Power, Effects Loop, XLR Pre/Post, Adjustable Tweeter, Bi-Amp & Crossover, Aux in/out & Headphone Jack.

EBS's brilliant EQ + Bass Treble and Bright.

350 W RMS

Height 61cm/24"  X  Width 58cm/23"  Depth 35cm/14"

Weight 33Kg/73 lbs

Based up in North London







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The photos don't show up. Upload them directly to BassChat and not in heic format, but in jpeg😉

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You're welcome. I'm owning the 2x10 version and it's a workhorse. Even the low F# of my ERB basses is very well and defined sounding.

Have a free bump on me.


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Anybody have contact with the seller???

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    • By Marky Screen
      I keep trying to topple my DG Hyperluminal and it just keeps not happening so I'm moving this on.
      Working fine, few chips round the edges, no velcro on the bottom
      Great compressor, 3 different modes. Nice cost effective way to get into analogue multi band comp and tubesim mode is excellent for a big finger style sound.
      UK postage inc.

    • By CJPJ
      I'm having a bit of a clear out and now selling my two Mark Bass Combo/Cabs. Purchased new in late 2018 from Andertons, these have had moderate use and are in very good and unmarked condition. They sound absolutely wonderful with no distortion, rattles or any imperfections. The specs for the cabinets are below but the Amp is fit for 500 watts with the speaker in series giving plenty of headroom. Speakon cable included.
      I would consider splitting the two (£450 for the Combo and £250 for the Cab) but would need to ensure buyer in place for each as I don't want to be left with one and not the other (!).
      Markbass CMD102P v2 Bass Combo Specs Speaker Size: 2x10" Tweeter: Piezo Bass Port : Front IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms Amp Output Power: 500W @ 4 ohm / 300W @ 8 ohm Speaker Power: 400W RMS (AES Standard) Pre-Amp: solid state Weight: 44 lbs / 19.9 kg H: 18.9 in. / 47.9 cm W: 23.4 in. / 59.4 cm D: 18.7 in. / 47.5 cm  
      Markbass TRV 151 P 8 ohm Traveller Bass Cabinet Specs Speaker Size: 1x15 in. Power: 400W RMS (AES Standard) Impedance: 8 ohms Weight: 37.3 lbs / 16.9 kg H: 18.3 in. / 46.4 cm W: 23.39 in. / 59.4 cm 😧 17.05 in. / 43.3 cm  
      You are welcome to come and inspect and play through the cabs for as long as you like with your own bass or I can provide one. I work in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire and so could potentally arrange something inbetween there and Leatherhead.
      Any questions, please just ask.

    • By Rblake80
      Up for sale is my SWR Super Redhead with extension Son of Bertha 1x15 Cabinet.
      Both have been in my possession since new (purchased 2002). Purely need the funds at the moment to pay the bills which is why they're up for sale and very competitively priced. £400 for both sold as a pair. Depending on interest I may decide to split, but at present am only selling together.
      Would Ideally like a pickup, or meet-up halfway (distance dependent). For anyone with a project studio, I don't think you can get finer that a 'one thing does most' studio combo. The original power on/off rocker switch has been replaced (as visible in pics)
      The 1x15 has been replaced with a Beyma LX60 (Version1) after the original SWR cone's centre started to make a bid for freedom many years ago! Specs of the Beyma can be found in the link: The addition of the 1x15 really helps add some weight to the sound, although the combo alone is perfectly suited to most normal playing situations.
      https://usspeaker.com/beyma 15LX60-1.htm
      Both have had covers since day 1, so the carpeting is in excellent condition and I even dragged out the original spiral bound Super Redhead manual... Am sad to let these go, but hopefully someone out there knows the SWR legacy and wants to put these to good use - Sometimes lighter doesn't always mean better...
      A few specs:
      Super Redhead Bass Combo Specifications:
      22-1/2"W x 21-1/4"H x 16"D (with the front cover attached, the depth is increased to 16-3/4") 80 lbs.
      Classic SWR preamp with Aural Enhancer 2 -12AX7 Preamp Tubes - (Preamp & Tube DI) Front ported (slot) eliminates unwanted noise All-tube studio-quality Direct Out with front-panel controls including ground lift, level pad, and mute 3-band active EQ with variable midrange, pull turbo (ultra-low) and transparency (ultra-high) controls SWR compressor circuit Tuning Mute Side-chain effects loop with Blend control Single empty rack space for tuner or effects unit Tuning Mute Internal Speaker Defeat switch 1/4" inputs (Active & Passive) Gain control (with Pre Amp clip LED) Aural Enhancer control Bass control (with "Pull Turbo") Mid-Range Level control Mid-range Frequency control Treble control (with "Pull Transparency") Compressor control (with Compression LED) Master Volume control (with Power Amp clip LED) Tube DI Line/Direct (sliding switch) Tube DI Mute/Line (sliding switch) Tube DI Ground Lift (sliding switch) Tube DI Pad control 1/4" Headphone jack Effects Blend control Internal Speaker On/Off (rocker switch) Power On/Off (rocker switch) Son of Bertha Cab - Dimensions: 23.25 in. W x 20.25 in. H x 18.5 in. D Weight: 60 lbs.
      Any questions then please ask and I'll do my best...

    • By lowregisterhead
      For sale are my two EBS Proline 210 cabs. They have served me very well for a long time, but the time has come to retire them, as I recently bought a new class D rig only due to my ageing back! They do show signs of wear and tear, but the carpet covering isn't torn anywhere, and they still sound fantastic.
      I just noticed that the knob is missing on one of them in the photos, but I have one to replace it with. £350 £295 each, or £600 £550 for both. Retail price is around £900 each. In the current climate collection isn't really an option, but I can ship them for an additional £20 per cab.
      I also have an as-new EBS HD360 30th Anniversary head for sale on here, and I can do a VERY special price for anyone who fancies the whole rig. Drop me a PM if interested!
      Sorry, no trades please.

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