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**SOLD** Warwick Infinity SN 4-string 2002 Zebrano Now £950

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For Sale 

Warwick Infinity SN 4-string 2002 Zebrano

Price drop to £1000 £950

German-made featuring a set-neck and tone chambered body, with MEC active humbucker at the bridge and single coil at the neck. The humbucker can be split to single coil via pull switch, and a second pull switch changes from active to passive. MEC 2-band preamp. The range of tones is incredible and very usable. 

This is a narrow necked version so easily suitable for small hands. I can provide a good quality gig bag or an original Warwick flight case. 

Selling as I have the 5-string version as well.

Would prefer collection from Cambridge, but happy to meet up within an hours drive. Only trades I would consider are 5-string Warwick Streamers currently. 








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Price drop.
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    • By 72deluxe
      PRICE DROP: £550 £475. I have dropped the price to meet demand!
      I am selling my Warwick Dolpin Pro II as I am just not using this, plus my wife has been made redundant.
      This historic bass deserves someone else to play it as it's great! There's very few of these around, from what I can tell. Very few in the UK anyway.
      The story behind these basses is that they were made by Warwick in Germany when Warwick was still small (before 2000). Warwick was too small to make them in great quantities so subcontracted to another company, which made items with bad necks and was selling these "out the back door" and thereby giving Warwick a bad name. So they eventually shut them down and moved production to Japan. This is one of the few that actually came from Germany, from what I can tell - 300 originally made I think?
      Unlike post-2000 Warwicks, this has a fairly thin neck. It has Just-A-Nut I on it (brass) where each string has an adjustable saddle to sit in on the nut. This is from 1990 so a super early one. Someone has done a bit of mix-and-match with the colour of the knobs (gold/black), tuners and bridge but I think it looks alright.
      Although the labelling has worn off the pickups, this has MEC pickups in it and a two-band EQ. Unlike some others, this DOES NOT have a passive toggle on the volume control so is active only all the time (9v battery at the back).
      This looks to have been bashed around before I owned it (perhaps it fell off a stand due to its awkward shape) so has spots of damage on the edge and a ding on the body that someone has filled. I've tried to photograph these as best I can, but it is nearly 30 years old, remember.
      Pictures and a demo video are available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BNQtEDbgzp42jifoiISAjXjr3M3pUwrp
      Any questions please ask. I am just outside Worcester, Worcestershire and would prefer not to ship this as I have no case for it (didn't go outside the house) and I have no cardboard to package it. I am happy to drive up/down the M5 a bit if this helps you for travel purposes.
      If you feel this is priced too high, please make an offer.
      Cash or Bank Transfer please, ideally bank transfer when we meet.
      POLITE NOTICE: I've had timewasters on other sites like Gumtree and those that think this bass should be 20p or free due to it not being a Streamer / Fodera / a thru-neck / not made of titanium / more than they want to pay. I've had quite a few daft requests and people believing I should be giving this away because it doesn't quite fit with their hazy dream of an ideal bass, eg. it's not a thru-neck... I've had people not show up when they said they'd buy it and all sorts of clowns and jokers. Let's leave them at the circus!
    • By Hellzero
      WARWICK ROCKCASE RC 10626B Beast Bass Case. Yes, it's the biggest factory made hard case for your really out of this earth bass...
      For sale only.
      Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £90 GBP !!! New price is £138 GBP by Thomann...
      In fully working condition (can I say that for a hard case ?) with the two original keys and in close to new condition.
      Non-smoking environment as usual.
      Bought new to send a very big bass and got it back, so only used twice.
      Here is the link to this monster hard case with pricing and all the specifications needed : https://www.thomann.de/gb/rockcase_rc10626b_beast_basscase.htm
        What you see is what you get, except the meters !
      Look at the pictures to see the real condition : close to new condition.
      Don't hesitate to ask for more.

    • By maciejho
      Hi! 😀
      I'm selling my Fender Jazz Bass Custom Shop Classic 5. In my opinion bass is in excellent visual and manual condition, it has really small scratches and chips that do not affect the appearance (on request I can take additional photos of small scratches). Electronics and hardware work flawlessly. The sparkle pick-guard is not original but fits perfectly. Dunlop straplocks installed. Certificate of authenticity and hard-case included.
      If anyone is interested, please feel free to ask or send me a private message. Regards

    • By d_g
      I'm selling my Poller 3/4 (standard) size double bass. Really great bass for students or jazz/rockabilly. I gigged it professionally for several years before upgrading.
      It's made in Romania in the early 90s. It has been my backup bass for the last few years but I can’t justify keeping two at the moment.
      Makes a great bass for a student or an electric bass player taking up upright - I’ve gigged it and and it is very light so great for carrying around to gigs etc. I’ll include a soft case and realist pickup, and I can probably find a spare double bass stand if you would like one too.
      Price drop to £895 and open to sensible offers and happy to reduce the price a bit if you don't want the pickup or other extras!
      I'm currently located in North London for now but moving shortly to Kingston area and also am in Bucks and Sussex a lot so delivery around the south east is possible. You are welcome to come for a socially distanced play in the garden but serious buyers only please. Any questions let me know!
      Many thanks

    • By LukeFRC
      So I never thought I would do this... 

      This bass has been my main bass for years and years. It was my love for Warwicks that really let me onto Basschat in the first place and ever since I picked it up it's been my main bass while loads more have been and gone. My decision to trade my old JD Thumb bass for a Sadowsky a couple of years ago was driven only by the fact the Sadowsky would be easier to sell... I've played nothing else since, and as such, and having to use the small room full of basses as a home office recently a couple of my basses need to make way.

      So what is it.
      A 1991 Warwick Streamer. Maple body, maple neck and wenge stringers, wenge fretboard. Gold hardware.
      1991 is prior to the move east, so similar with most the Warwicks of this era it's got the nice thin neck. I measure a 39-40mm nut.
      The hardware is gold and I think from when it was still made by Schaller. 
      It's bright and lively sounding - it's super sensitive to your right hand position and attack. Some basses sound like they sound, this one you can change the sound dramatically depending where you play over. I made a recording of it in this thread here where it was voted the best sounding by a long way.
      The original MEC pickups (long gone) were stupidly bright to my ears so I swapped them out for a Bartolini PJ set. From memory it's from before the "classic series" existed, so they are original series. They are a perfect match to my ears for the brightness of the bass giving a warm mid range and the fat bottom. 
      The preamp is the original MEC one. It did wear a ACG preamp for years but I switched it back to something simpler as the ACG plus Helix stomp was way too many options. 
      Like most Warwicks the jack socket has been changed (a few times)  
      What is it not.
      If you want something factory fresh and pristine - this isn't the bass for you. It's been played - a lot. First by the original owner, and then by me. (nb most the knocks were from the previous guy)  There is nothing structural, wood has knocks and dings, and it's discoloured slightly in some contact spots (eg above the P pickup, round the volume) in the flesh this isn't really super noticeable... but as I said, if you wanted something pristine or without blemish you wouldn't have read this far... there's probably a reason that it's been so well played in the last 29 years though. 

      It's also not heavy. I make it 3.2kg using the time honoured getting on and off the bathroom scales technique. It's one of the lightest basses I've played and balances well. (There's a current trend towards lightweight basses.... some of which is led by wanting a super light bass so your shoulder doesn't hurt at the end of a 4 hour gig, and some of it led by medical requirements. I'm reasonably confident in my weighing - but if there's a medical reason why you would like a bass this light, lets talk and I'll work out a way of getting more accurate measurements) 
      This is probably the most important point.... it is not a battered player. The truss works perfectly (and I think is removable if it didn't) 
      When I got it the previous owner had impressively managed to wear down the bell brass frets in the first position. which was a bit hard to play. I took it to the lovely guys at Alpher (thanks @CHRISDABASS) who must have spent ages giving it a fret job. The result is a super smooth playing bass with the ability to get the action down to silly places if that's your thing. It really is beautiful job they did. 

      What else does it come with?
      A nice Levys Canadian leather strap in green, with the dunlop strap locks (it came with it when I bought it, I never got around to changing it) 
      A hiscox hardcase. It looks like all the other ones. It might be a more recent one as the handle is actually moulded to be comfortable to carry. 
      UK postage (international at cost, EU no probs; wider than that at my discretion) 
      Trades or offers
      Will be listened too. Not really after anything at the moment, unless it's a Precision bass of some kind. Money added either way. Don't be offended if I don't want your bass or agree with your valuation of it. 
      Offers will also be listened to. 

      TL;DR version
      Nice older era Warwick. Well played, lightweight, sounds amazing, really nice fret job, really lightweight. Buy it now!

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