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Walking bass - how to get started


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I've just finished up writing a post on how to get started with walking bass improvisation and I guess this would be a good place to share it with you guys.

This is how I started with it and it was a kind of eureka moment for me as I kind of built this belief that walking bass is difficult to get started with blah blah and putting it off for years until...

Here's the link to the lesson post: https://bassroad.net/walking-bass-improvisation-for-beginners/

Disclaimer: this is meant for beginners at walking bass looking for an easy way in. It's meant to get you in the right walking bass mindset (and 4 feel walking bass rhythm LOL). There is no magic pill or anything, once you get into learning it, you do need to do the actual work and practice your donkey off to get some nice sounding proper jazz walking bass lines going.

Hope you find it it helpful :)

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6 minutes ago, jrixn1 said:

It's a bit odd when the chord is Bb7 to notate an A#.

Yes - Guitar Pro software standard notation sucks :( Always has issues with accidentals, not sure how to fix. Thanks for looking through the lesson and pointing it out.

BTW LOL - I should have posted this in rock section, no one would notice 😁

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