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Warwick 1991 Infinette - Now Open to Offers / Trades / Part Ex before withdrawing

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Warwick 1991 Infinette.

Now open to trades.

 I have this and an Infinity which cover the same sound, look and general vibe for my acoustic gigs so regrettably one has to go.  A couple of limited edition basses surfaced recently too which I had to have, so rebalancing of the books is needed.

Very little to choose between these in the sound, and I've added a side by side pic of them for comparison.  The Infinity has a 3 band EQ, whereas the Infinette has a 2 band EQ.

£2250 plus shipping at cost if required.  Not considering trades at this stage but may do in a week or so if one of them hasn't gone.

Given the value I'd much prefer collection, try out in Chorley, Lancashire

A great piece piece of Warwick history.

The bass is in  very good condition given the age (28 years old) , there is  the odd scar on the bass here and there from normal use.
More than happy to send more photographs, details etc.

1991 Streamer Corvette known as the Infinette by Warwick fans.
Pre dates both the Corvette and Infinity basses.
About 120 to 200 manufactured

Infinette Spec:
 Neck-through design
 Only available as 4-string (righthand and fretted)
 Body: Atimoe (mahogany) back, Birdseye maple top
 Three piece maple neck
 Wenge fingerboard
 24 (Jumbo) frets,
 2 MEC pick up’s, humbucker and Jazz type
 Active 2-way electronics
 Warwick 2-piece bridge
 Warwick tuners
 Natural oil finish
 Warwick security locks
 Gold hardware






s-l1600 (1).jpg

s-l1600 (2).jpg

s-l1600 (3).jpg


BOTH - MG_20190916_164417.jpg

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Martyn is a top fella, an asset to this forum...trade with confidence.

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Now Open to Offers / Trades / Part Ex before withdrawing.

I need to move along a couple more basses so will give this a little while longer before withdrawing and trying something else.

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