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Ok, so my quest for a decent sounding, giggable, lightweight combo has finished (for now at least) with a Tech21 VT bass 200.  I tried out various fender rumbles ( I didn’t like the form factor, sound was only average), GK mb series ( very in your face sounding), Markbass cmd121p (not bad, but did not excite me. Quite a bit more money than the others), and Ibanez prometheans ( the p3110 was boxy, the p3115 actually sounded pretty good).  The Tech21 beat them all with its great (and versatile) sound, light weight, good looks, and reasonable price.


I played on the world’s smallest stage, with full P.A. support with it last night. Good tone, plenty loud enough (although my existing 1x10 can handle this particular stage) and a one-handed carry in and out of the gig 😃. A better test is coming next week a a local bar with good stage and acoustics but no P.A. I’m confident the little VT will get the job done.  Hopefully I will get a review up after that.


Here are some pics to feast your eyes on.  I’ve included a shot of my Frankenstein-amp which is a cab from a Ibanez promethean p5110  combo but with a GK mb500 providing the power. The little ibby-GK am is now on permanent practice duty.







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Congrats on that.

Tech21 are a monster company with real quality throughout the line, this and the Power Deuce Deluxe are very good all in one solutions 

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Bit of an update.  I still haven’t done a decent sized gig with the vtb yet, but it happily keeps up at band practice against two small guitar amps  and a light hitting drummer.

This weekend for a proper workout, hopefully.

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Ok, proper live gig review! 

Last night we played at a local up-stairs venue, but this one has a decent size stage (just right for a 4 piece) , a huge PA, and a sound man who knows his stuff.  The little vtbass was working hard ( gain at 11 o’clock, master at about 2 o’clock) but was able to keep up.  I suspect that it did not have much more to give. The PA was doing the heavy lifting, of course, and the amp was just a stage monitor, but everything worked just like it should.  The sound man was happy with what we were feeding him, and said we were easy to mix.  At he end of the night it was an easy one-trip load out.

Tonight we are playing a party with just a vocal PA which will be the final test to see if the amp is loud enough in that setting.

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    • By philw
      I'm pressed for space so the current CDM121H has got to go. I rarely need its pretty massive ability to go loud either so it's time to go more compact.
      All you need to know really is that the combo is around five years old, it's in good nick and has always been perfectly reliable. It's done a fair few gigs but not a vast number. It sounds great too and definitely has that characteristic and slightly old school warmth that Markbass seem so good at. Only snag is I don't have anything to ship it in so this is a pick-up only job - although who doesn't love a day trip to Brighton?
      Only trade I might be interested in is a compact bass head (probably going the Barefaced route for a cab).
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      I don't think these need much of an introduction.  In full working order but not used for some time and is just too good just to sit in its case.  Has been mainly used for band practice but also gigged in medium sized pubs where it held its own without any problem.  
      I have owned this since 1992 and, as can be see from the pictures, is in excellent condition due to living most of its life in a flight case, which is also included in the sale. 
      Built like a tank and not willing to post but happy to travel/meet up within a reasonable radius.  I am based in Kent (Medway Towns) but occasionally travel up the A1 corridor to the North East if that helps anyone that might be interested.
      Thanks for looking and happy to answer any questions.

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      Excellent condition, little used. Phil Jones BG 100 bass cub combo. Black. Bought in may 2018. 2 channels, 2 x 3 band EQ, mic input, headphone out, DI out, pre amp out. 12" by 10.8" by 7.8". 2 x PJB Neopower type A speakers. Weight is 13.2  lbs/6 kilos. Volts 100 to 240 AC. Tilt option. Padded Phil Jones Carry Case. Personal in person for a cash sale only/no posting possible...

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      NSP115 also available locally (separately) at a price I'm happy to pay.
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      The clearout continues......
      Small/portable/light etc.... Combo amp that can be used with various electric instruments.
      Serviced, so in good condition and does what it is intended to do. (ie: cannot do a full on gig!!:-).
      Good for beginners or even for pros to practice at home or for light jams etc....
      Collection from Aylesbury (or can be delivered if on route to work within a reasonable distance).

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