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Hipshot Xtender

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Quick question, does anyone hang a bass with a Hipshot Xtender on a wall or on a stand where the headstock takes all the weight?

It seems to me that the lever takes a lot of the weight in this situation.

Anyone have any experience of this? It seems to me that it could damage the Xtender - Am I worrying about nothing?


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I'm not quite sure what you mean or how you are hanging your bass. When I hang mine on the wall hangers the only part touching the bass is at the bottom of the headstock right by the nut. There should never be any danger of putting any stress on the hardware, extender or not.ย 

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15 minutes ago, Stefanogregori said:

Not sure why I didn't think of it!

I did, but the lever protrudes down past the nut position.

However, you could face the guitar the other way 'round on the hanger (no good if it's for display, though!).

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