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  1. Thanks for all responses. They definitely don't feel sharp, and they are smooth to the touch. They just seem to have some sort of friction when sliding up and down the fretboard. Guess i could just be pushing down too hard but never had the same issue with rounds. Maybe they just feel different to what I'm used to and I need to give them some time to settle in. Will also try the rag tip. Cheers
  2. Hi all, Just slapped on a set of Chromes on a p bass. I like the tone but wow, they burn when you slide up/down the fretboard! I read these were smooth strings. Is this just me??
  3. Feedback for StefanoGregori - thanks!
  4. Excellent comms, delivery and strings exactly as described. Pleasure to deal with, top Basschatter!
  5. I gave up trying to clean strings. Didn't seem to do much for me. Also tried making sure my hands were clean before I played. Strings seem to last fine for practice but as soon as I sweat on them at a gig they lose that freshness. I have resorted to Elixirs (nickel) and they are actually pretty bright and stay that way. There is also a decent set of coated strings by Blacksmith. They aren't as bright as the Elixirs but are still fairly bright and have so far stayed that way four gigs in.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. For sale is a set of Ernie Ball Regular Slinky coated strings (105,85,70,50). I thought I'd give them a go but not for me. Only used for a couple of rehearsals and some play at home. Bargain at £10 posted if you like these strings or just want to try them. Cut for a standard scale precision bass.
  8. Hi all, I've been looking at the Irig and thinking it's nothing more than a glorified headphone splitter. Am I wrong?? Has anyone used a headphone splitter to use the apps on iOS/Android?
  9. Thanks, I'm looking forward to trying them in a band setting but don't have a rehearsal for a while. Encouraging to hear they should keep their tone for a decent amount of time! [quote name='LayDownThaFunk' timestamp='1473534977' post='3131095'] Lose a touch more brightness after settling in but then keep that sound for quite a while. I prefer them to Elixirs - feel less plasticy. [/quote]
  10. Hi all, I have just put a set of exp165s on my P bass and I'm pretty impressed. I went for these cos I like the D'Addario xls but wanted something that keeps their 'fresh string' sound longer. I've only played them acoustically and through headphones but so far they sound great. Not as bright as a set of xls but I'm happy with the tone and will be pleased if they stay sounding this way for a long time. There's not a great deal of stuff written about these strings and I wondered if anyone could share their thoughts and experiences with them in terms of longevity? Cheers
  11. [quote name='D'AddarioUK' timestamp='1471350141' post='3112342'] +1 for coated strings. The equivalent EXP set to EXL165 is EXP165. You can also buy EXL165 in a twin pack (EXL165TP) which will be cheaper than buying single sets. [/quote] Hi, can you please tell me if it is ok to use string cleaning products on the coated exp strings? Thanks
  12. Thanks all for replies. I picked up some exps on Amazon last week. Will be a while before I string them up as I don't have a gig for some time and will save them until then.
  13. [quote name='LayDownThaFunk' timestamp='1471252009' post='3111477'] Buy coated strings. Bigger investment but will last much longer. Please don't buy cheap strings - it's like buying a BMW and putting on secondhand tyres. [/quote] Can you recommend any that have that zingy, bright tone? I've read some mixed reviews about elixirs and their brightness.
  14. Thanks for your replies. I had thought about the denatured thing but not really considered it properly, maybe is should give that a try 1st. I'll take a look at that thread too. Cheers
  15. I love the zing of new strings but my fingers and body chemistry usually kill the tone I like after just 1 gig. I usually use d'addario exl165s and while they are relatively cheap, they aren't cheap enough to discard after one gig. I saw a set of generic nickel strings on Amazon for £4.05. I'm sure they aren't fantastic but as long as they last a gig I'd be happy to chuck them at that price. Does anyone have any experience with cheap, generic strings?
  16. Hi all, I have to replace the neck on a squier I have as it is twisted and cannot be fixed. I have a Mexican neck on order and am thinking of upgrading the hardware. Does anyone know how Wilkinson tuning pegs compare to squier ones? Is it much of an upgrade or am I going to have to spend quite a lot more for an upgrade on the squiers? Cheers
  17. [quote name='luckydog' timestamp='1460556237' post='3026779'] I'm too new to the forum ! The story will have to wait, I doubt many would believe me and I wouldn't blame them ! But I figure it was destiny that I should change the neck, maybe for you too, who knows ?! LD [/quote] I reckon you should just go for it but if not will look forward to hearing it!
  18. [quote name='luckydog' timestamp='1460539488' post='3026538'] The only genuine Fender neck I have experience of did not come pre-drilled, and this was quite a skilled operation to get the right gauge, depth and location when making the holes. I have a fantastic story about what I found when I took the old neck off, used as packing material in the body pocket, but that's for another day ! LD [/quote] Thankfully, it won't be me drilling the holes if required! What did you find in the pocket?!
  19. [quote name='Twincam' timestamp='1460488205' post='3026230'] Can't be 100% but if your buying a finished neck it's just that all holes drilled, nut and finished in whatever lacquer. [/quote] It is a finished neck. Was hoping it wouldn't have the holes pre-drilled but can live with it if it does!
  20. Hi all, Has anyone ever bought a brand new neck from Fender? I have Mexican one on order and wanted to know if it will come with holes pre-drilled? Fender customer service tell me it will but does anyone have personal experience? Cheers
  21. To be honest I'm not sure! I went to Halford's with the guy who sprayed it and picked out 'Ford metallic graphite grey' car spray paint as a colour so he had an idea of what I wanted. He said he was going to mix up a paint close to it and this is what he came up with.
  22. I'm liking the brass saddles - a lot!
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