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NSD.... New Spectorbird day!

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Still have to come back to this post every now and again for a drool...😍

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    • By levelken
      Spector Euro LX 4 string Bass Guitar. Great condition as hardly used.
      Tonepump!! Amazing array of sounds from this bass.   The bass is from 2007 (serial number NB 6320)    EMG Pickups.   Spalted Maple.   Bass has a low action, Strings are Gallist Rings EB45105 .045 - .105 Nickel Round Wound Coated.   Has strap locks, allen key for truss rod and key for Spector case.   £950 ono........

    • By Saimonbass
      Spector Euro 5 LX in black for sale here. Serial no NB5640, produced in 2006 (according to guys from Spector company). It has maple/alder/walnut body, maple neck, brass nut & bridge. Powered by 2x EMG 40DC pickups + EMG BQC preamp.
      Included with this bass: 2x EMG 40J + 1x EMG 40P pickups, modded TonePump preamp (18V, added stacked bypass, one pot needs to be replaced unfortunatelly...), and SKB case.
      The polish has many scratches due to heavy gigging by me & previous owners. Other things are working well - electronics are fine (original pickups, preamp installed in 2017). Truss rod, bridge, tuners - all are working fine.
      For sound samples please visit my YT channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Ji5eXF2PeRd_1gOiTLOzA

    • By chenzo_1
      This is an ’81 model, in clear nitro finish natural maple which has aged to a nice pale honey tone all over. The woodwork, finish, Gibson-branded Schaller tuners, and 3-point bridge are original. As you can probably see the pick-ups are not; the original black series V humbuckers were replaced 2 owners ago with chrome EB-3 type units (Japanese made, Allparts supplied), and the original Moog preamp replaced by what I was informed is a Bartolini 2-band EQ one. The brass nut and generic Gibson truss-rod cover are also not original, and rear battery cover is missing (One available on reverb). RD Artists have the classiest headstock on any bass ever I reckon, the Gibson logo and “flying note” inlay are real mother-of-pearl.  

      The controls are; vol / vol / treble boost-cut / bass boost-cut, p/u select (neck/both/bridge), with micro-switches for active/passive (wish every active bass had one!), and phase invert.

      Quite simply there is nothing that looks like these basses, or sounds like this one. They are heavy – a big solid chunk of maple, but really ergonomic – if you play fingerstyle (as I mostly do) you can rest your palm on the upper body cut-out whilst doodling away on the strings; so comfortable. Set neck, body-through stringing, extra-long scale (34.5”), and dense maple body means it sustains for ever. Versatile: you can get the muscular EB-3 sound (think Jack Bruce, Jim Lea, Andy Fraser….) but with more punch and top end available, rather more Fender P. The preamp is very effective and hum free but I almost invariably use it passive – just such a rich, growly, ringing tone. I reckon the chrome p/ups look so much more right on an old Gibson too. 
       Unlike Thunderbirds these don't suffer from neck dive; nicely balanced.  Due to the construction and xtra long scale makes them ideal for drop-tuning malarky such as BEAD.
      It's a bit of a beast coming in at 11lbs/5kg so not for the faint hearted.  Comes with carry case made from a keyboard bag full customised to house the bass snuggly.   Due to the size and length of the neck I cannot find a hard case, believe me I have looked. 
      Based in London and work near reading.  Pickup much preferred due to lack of hard case, I can meet within reasonable distance and exchange ( Buyer to cover fuel costs).  
      Will consider postage as last resort.
      After £1000 no trades unless Sandberg VM4 

    • By taddy
      Hi my name is Dave,  i was originally a guitarist with a rock band well 2nd guitar to be precise
      haven't played since the 80s we used to support headliners played pubs a few theatres 
      and even toned it down for the club circuit.
      recently met up with my old band members and we decided to start practicing again 
      the bass player didn't rejoin so that left the lead guitarist drummer and me, so i volunteered to play bass
      after all it couldn't be so hard? huh little did i know
      guitars i own bass wise?
      Squier / fender vintage modified jazz
      Squier/fender classic vibe p bass
      Epiphone IV Thunderbird (that's giving me grief at the moment)
      and a 2005 american red and white Fender stratocaster 
      also a member of talk bass but american times are crazy
      they are in bed when i'm about and vice versa
      so i look forward to talking bass, learning tricks, and improving myself as a bass player!
      regards to all
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