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SOLD! USA Fender Precision 1995 Olympic White. Rosewood. Now £750!
London SE24

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For sale is my Olympic White P bass. It's seen action on several continents and has a few battle scars to prove it.

It has started to fade to a nice vintage cream.

Truss rod is smooth, everything works as it should. I bought it new with a white scratch plate and also an additional tort plate at the same time. Currently wearing the white. Frets are good, Schaller strap lock buttons installed. 

Shod with La Bella flats & will include unused DR Hi Beams too. 

Soundwise it does the P bass thing. Has a fairly chunky neck. A good working bass!

No hard case but can include a soft case.

Sale only, no trades, pick up only. May be able to meet up in central London for exchange of bass/cash/bank transfer!

Weight is 4.2kg or 9lb 5oz in old money. 















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Price drop.

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Over priced? How about £800 ono? 

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Looks great. My favourite colour for a classic looking P.

With a choice of guards, some expensive flats (that won’t need replacing for about 30 years!) and a spare set of DR’s, I’d think this won’t hang around long :)

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    • By Simon127
      Hi, this is a very rare prototype Trace Elliot V Type Valve bass Amp (200W) from 1995. This was one of the very first V Type's made!
      This is in great working order, have used it for many years but now unfortunately, time moves on and sadly I don't play anymore.
      As you will from the pics, this has a Trace Elliot badge on the front and not the normal V2, V8 etc and also on the back the labels with serial number are hand written.
      I also have copies of the original wiring documents and a copy of a shipping note from Kaman Music (Trace Elliot) to Eric Clapton. Eric Clapton's Bass player in 1995-1996 was Dave Bronze and he had an endorsement from Trace Elliott!
      This really is a very rare piece of kit with a bit of history, so please no time wasters.
      I'm located near Leeds Castle (Maidstone) in Kent.
      Please let me know if you want to come and have a look.
      Many thanks
      Paul (real name)
      07790 315210

    • By Mattybob7
      Reluctant sale of my beloved Candy Apple Red Fender JV P bass. OPEN TO OFFERS. (Be quick before I change my mind...)
      More photos to follow early next week.
      Reason for sale: I have found myself with 3 Ps and I have my eyes on a unique P bass and can’t justify 4 Ps. I know I’ll regret this sale.
      This thing has done me well. Played many a gig from small clubs to big festival stages, always strung with flats (except a short period this year where I had rounds on it) never has it sounded anything but great. Nothing plays like this thing and it sure sounds huge! 
      You already know about JV Fenders so no need to explain. I got this Via Pierre from Bass Freaks at the very beginnings of his shop. (I think I was one of his first customers) Essentially he sourced this direct from Japan a good 4 to 5 years ago for me. (I hope he doesn’t mind me name dropping). He still has only come a cross a couple other CAR P basses since finding this one.
      It’s all original, except for the addition of the thumb rest that was done at The Bass Gallery the year I bought it, and has been very well looked after. It was recently set up at The Gallery and is strung with Thomastik flats. Plays wonderfully as you’d expect.
      It’s in good condition considering it’s age. There is a few dings and scratches but nothing serious. The worst of it is some dings on the top where your right arm rests but it is by no means bad, just a small portion of paint missing. Nothing to worry about, I just want to be clear and honest. (photos to follow in the next few days). The neck is in very very good condition, as is the fretboard. 
      The fretboard is a lovely dark piece of rosewood. 
      I have played it next to a 1963 P bass and this really does do it as well as the original.
      Anyways. Enough blabbing. More photos will follow, I’m out on a tour so I have a few photos from gigs etc of the bass. Some proper photos will follow early next week.
      Please do contact me if you want to send me offers, or want more photos. I’m open to it.
      Will supply a generic hardcase with it. Will happily restring it with Rounds if the sale is made free of charge.
      based near Alexandra Palace, North London.


    • By silverfoxnik
      Hi Folks
      Encore Fretless P Bass & hard case for sale. 
      I bought this Encore Fretless P Bass about 2 years ago for a band I was in at the time that did a few mid 70s Joni Mitchell type songs where the fretless style of playing and fretless sound was a big part of the music..
      Unfortunately, the band didn't stay together long and my interest in - and opportunity to play fretless bass - kind of went with it... 
      So, I figure the best thing now is to move it on to someone who can make better use of what is in fact, a surprisingly good bass for relatively little money !
      Tonally, it sounds like a P Bass should and the pick up is quite loud and punchy. 
      As you can see in the photos, the bass has been stripped back to a natural wood finish (which has been lightly oiled or varnished) and it's been done very well indeed.. In my opinion, it has really enhanced the look of the instrument.
      In fact, the quality of the build of this bass is quite surprising given that is a budget brand bass.. In particular, the rosewood fingerboard on this bass is really good and it has a lot of life left in it too..
      From looking at the fingerboard, I'm not sure whether or not this was originally a fretted bass that's been very professionally defretted or not, but whatever, it's a very nice piece of wood! 
      I bought it on Gumtree from a chap who said he'd inherited it from his dad who'd quite recently passed away..  Apparently, his dad had owned it for quite a long time and had the modifications done to the body.
      It could probably do with a decent set up but despite that, it actually plays pretty well. At the moment, it's currently fitted with some flatwound strings on it which sound great. Not sure what brand they are but they remind me of a set of La Bella flats I had fitted on a fretted P Bass a few years ago..
      So that's it really; this is a well-made and very usable fretless bass for not too much money and if you're interested and would like to know more, please ask away here or send me a PM.
      The bass is available to view and test by prior arrangement and I'm located in the Littlehampton, West Sussex area. 
      Collection preferred but I can send by insured  courier service at buyer's expense if necessary.. 
      Thanks for looking, as ever ! 😊

    • By outtaseezun
      Fellaaaaaaz & Fellazettes!
      New Bass Day!!! 
      I am delighted to let U all know that I finally got myself a Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass in Lake Placid Blue. Been hunting down one of those for the past two years & every time they would pop up on my radar, they would be clearly out of reach for either budget or geography reasons...
      That changed yesterday as I was in England visiting the in-laws. One of those appeared on Fb Marketplace a half hour drive from the their place, the price was right, so I jumped on it! 
      Now, the downside is the previous owner was a real pig who knew nothing about how to keep his gear clean & safe from harm. So the bass has suffered in 11 years more than most old school Fenders have in 50 and all the metal parts & pick guard have started to go yellow... 
      I don't even know if the electronics work cuz I'm travelling & do not carry an amp with me everywhere. The guy was a guitarist who didn't own a bass amp & a hoarder apparently, so I didn't make it past the front door. Also, he graciously forgot to take close up pix of the dents in the body, the paint stains on the headstock, or to mention the rusting state of the metal parts (for those of U who want tips on how to take pix in broad daylight in such a way that the yellowing aspect of metal parts doesn't show, I can help U cuz now I know how) ... Glad these people exist, they make the second hand market such a better place for all of us to find happiness, right? 
      Last night a spent an hour or so cleaning the body, the fretboard, & started using Brasso to give the tuning pegs & the knobs some shine... But it still needs work. I wonder though, what do U guys think? Should I let the bass go all vintage or should I restore it completely? 
      If so, would dipping all the metal parts into Coca Cola do the trick? Cuz the Brasso thing won't allow me to reach the small corners, especially in the bridge & tuning mechanisms... I'm also not an electronics guy & am quite reluctant to un soldering all the electronics... But if the general consensus is that I should take the whole bass apart & do a huge cleaning, then I guess I'll do that under Ur guidance! 
      Also, does boiling old strings really bring them back to life? 
      Anyway, thanks for reading through, & thanks for any input U could contribute to help me through this! 
      Here are a couple of pictures: 

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