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SOLD! USA Fender Precision 1995 Olympic White. Rosewood. Now £750!
London SE24

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For sale is my Olympic White P bass. It's seen action on several continents and has a few battle scars to prove it.

It has started to fade to a nice vintage cream.

Truss rod is smooth, everything works as it should. I bought it new with a white scratch plate and also an additional tort plate at the same time. Currently wearing the white. Frets are good, Schaller strap lock buttons installed. 

Shod with La Bella flats & will include unused DR Hi Beams too. 

Soundwise it does the P bass thing. Has a fairly chunky neck. A good working bass!

No hard case but can include a soft case.

Sale only, no trades, pick up only. May be able to meet up in central London for exchange of bass/cash/bank transfer!

Weight is 4.2kg or 9lb 5oz in old money. 















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Price drop.

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Over priced? How about £800 ono? 

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Looks great. My favourite colour for a classic looking P.

With a choice of guards, some expensive flats (that won’t need replacing for about 30 years!) and a spare set of DR’s, I’d think this won’t hang around long :)

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    • By nige1968
      More pics Made in Mexico 2011, but in the style of a good ol' 1957 made-in-America P. In the popular 'sunburst' colourway and positively oozing fake wear and tear. It's lovely. I rarely play it but everyone needs a P, don't they? Comes with a decent Fender gig bag, weighs 3.5kg (7.72lb) according to my (slightly flattering?) bathroom scales. I am literally crying like a baby at the thought of parting with this.
      Details, as if you needed them: https://shop.fender.com/en-US/electric-basses/precision-bass/road-worn-50s-precision-bass/0131712303.html?rl=en_US&rdl=en_GB
      Not keen to post but might be persuadable. Sensible offers considered. No overseas postage, sorry.
      Good for metal. Probably
    • By simontdo
      1977 Fender Precision
      All original
      Olympic white, Black Pickguard and Maple neck
      41.2mm Nut - Type B neck, I believe.
      9.76 lbs
      Original Fender case
      No trades I'm afraid.
      Pics with Case, pickup covers and original swing tag added
      Thanks for looking


    • By Hector
      A lovely example of a japanese 1962 reissue Pbass with, as expected, excellent Fuji-gen build quality. It's in (imo) the best colour/pickguard/fingerboard combo.
      Currently strung with Labella Deep Talkin Flats, and sounds fantastic - classic warm tone that sits wonderfully in the mix. It's served me very well, but these days I find myself reaching for my Jazz when I pick up electric at all. I'd keep it stored away as who doesn't need a great precision in their toolbox,  but life events and a house move are stressing the finances too much to justify.
      Serial number (see picture) puts it at 1999-2002. There are a few dings, which I have also captured in the pics.
      Comes with a padded gig bag.
      Happy to answer any questions, or provide more pictures (e.g. in better/natural lighting - doesn't do the tort full justice) on request.
      Up for sale only as I need the cash, so no trades please! Might be able to post at buyer's expense but would vastly prefer collection. Interested buyers welcome to try in London, happy to make a cup of tea at my place and chat bass with you 🙂

    • By Simon127
      Hi, this is a very rare prototype Trace Elliot V Type Valve bass Amp (200W) from 1995. This was one of the very first V Type's made!
      This is in great working order, have used it for many years but now unfortunately, time moves on and sadly I don't play anymore.
      As you will from the pics, this has a Trace Elliot badge on the front and not the normal V2, V8 etc and also on the back the labels with serial number are hand written.
      I also have copies of the original wiring documents and a copy of a shipping note from Kaman Music (Trace Elliot) to Eric Clapton. Eric Clapton's Bass player in 1995-1996 was Dave Bronze and he had an endorsement from Trace Elliott!
      This really is a very rare piece of kit with a bit of history, so please no time wasters.
      I'm located near Leeds Castle (Maidstone) in Kent.
      Please let me know if you want to come and have a look.
      Many thanks
      Paul (real name)
      07790 315210

    • By Mattybob7
      Reluctant sale of my beloved Candy Apple Red Fender JV P bass. OPEN TO OFFERS. (Be quick before I change my mind...)
      More photos to follow early next week.
      Reason for sale: I have found myself with 3 Ps and I have my eyes on a unique P bass and can’t justify 4 Ps. I know I’ll regret this sale.
      This thing has done me well. Played many a gig from small clubs to big festival stages, always strung with flats (except a short period this year where I had rounds on it) never has it sounded anything but great. Nothing plays like this thing and it sure sounds huge! 
      You already know about JV Fenders so no need to explain. I got this Via Pierre from Bass Freaks at the very beginnings of his shop. (I think I was one of his first customers) Essentially he sourced this direct from Japan a good 4 to 5 years ago for me. (I hope he doesn’t mind me name dropping). He still has only come a cross a couple other CAR P basses since finding this one.
      It’s all original, except for the addition of the thumb rest that was done at The Bass Gallery the year I bought it, and has been very well looked after. It was recently set up at The Gallery and is strung with Thomastik flats. Plays wonderfully as you’d expect.
      It’s in good condition considering it’s age. There is a few dings and scratches but nothing serious. The worst of it is some dings on the top where your right arm rests but it is by no means bad, just a small portion of paint missing. Nothing to worry about, I just want to be clear and honest. (photos to follow in the next few days). The neck is in very very good condition, as is the fretboard. 
      The fretboard is a lovely dark piece of rosewood. 
      I have played it next to a 1963 P bass and this really does do it as well as the original.
      Anyways. Enough blabbing. More photos will follow, I’m out on a tour so I have a few photos from gigs etc of the bass. Some proper photos will follow early next week.
      Please do contact me if you want to send me offers, or want more photos. I’m open to it.
      Will supply a generic hardcase with it. Will happily restring it with Rounds if the sale is made free of charge.
      based near Alexandra Palace, North London.


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