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** WITHDRAWN ** £1850 Sei Bass Flamboyant 5 Fretless - Trade options added

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Price drop to £1850 - grab a bargain.

I bought this last year from Goldbass via The Gallery. I really hoped my fat little fingers would get on with the beautifully shallow neck profile but sadly I am not getting the best from it.

Martin dates it at early 2000's and it is in amazing condition for a 15+ year old bass. One very small dent on the bottom of the front face - photo attached. Other than that it is immaculate.

Incredible build quality. Martin and John have an enviable ( and justified ) reputation and this one is a beaut.


Madrone Burl front and back, and matching peghead. 

Ash wings

Flame maple / Wenge 7 piece neck

Ebony board lined with Mahogany ( very subtle ), blue LED's on the fret lines

Bartolini MM pup with series / parallel switch

ABM piezo bridge with piezo preamp ( internal controls ) to balance output with mag pup - set and forget.

Schack 18v preamp with internal dips for BMT centres / boost, volume and blend. Tone controls work on both mag and piezo.

Gotoh tuners, dunlop strap locks. Strung with Daddario chromes.

Weight on my scales just over 8lbs

Hiscox hard case.

Let me know if you need any more info.

Would trade for a Rob Allen 4 string fretless or other quality 4 string fretless - Sei, GB, Shuker, ACG, Sadowsky, Lull etc

Thanks for looking.












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withdrawn from sale
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Happy to trade for a quality 4 string fretless - Acoustic / electric - Rob Allen, Sei, GB, Shuker, ACG, Lull, Sadowsky etc.

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No. 66? I have no. 68! (I’d post pics but don’t want to confuse your sale) Almost exactly the same config as yours, except 4 string with a single Lane Poor MM pickup. Never going to part with mine I’m afraid (made for me by Martin), but best of luck with the sale!



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Thanks Andy. When this goes I will be talking to Martin about a 4 string fretless - what year was yours built ?

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I was talking about this to Martin when last in the Gallery (Buying a used 4 string fretted flamboyant - I’m now a 2sei family!) and neither of us could quite pin it down, either 2000 or 2001 we think, which would certainly place your #66 in that time too.


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Price dropped to £1850 - I have my on something else. Grab a bargain !!

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Sadly no takers for my Sei so withdrawn. Thank to all for the interest shown.

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    • By therealting
      This fantastic little P/J is probably the best value fretless you can get! Plays and sounds like something several times the price, and while it is certainly a worthy first or backup fretless, it’s actually good enough to be your main gigging one.
      Unlined rosewood board, maple neck with skunk stripe. Alder body I believe with sunburst finish, passive VVT electronics. Very decent hardware, and the neck is as comfortable as you’d expect. Low action with plenty of mwah!
      I think these are Dunlop flatwounds on them.
      I am not sure of the exact weight, but this is a lightweight bass and balances very well on a strap.
      Collection preferred from London SE3.
      I have some other stuff for sale here, would certainly be tempted by upward trades for more than one item.

    • By radiophonic
      Bump for trades: Looking for a USA Fender P Bass. 
      Fender USA Standard Jazz Fretless. I bought it new in 2016, so it's one of the very final American Standard models, just before they ceased production.  For those who are unaware, these have the carbon fibre reinforcement in the neck, custom shop 60's pickups and a high-mass bridge.  Sunburst finish, black scratch-plate (although I have the original Tort and will include it). This has barely been gigged - maybe three or four times - and has spent most of its short life in a case.  I just don't get on with the offset body, narrow nut and everything else that makes a Jazz what it is. A great bass but not for me.  The neck is fantastic and based on the kind of action I can achieve, it must be incredibly true. Extremely clean condition, with just one very tiny dint in the finish located middle of the back of the instrument. I can't get it to show up on a pic though. I've got it strung with Fender flats (I think it's rounds in the pic though). Comes with original Fender hard case.

      Comes in the original Fender hard-case with the truss-rod tool. Shipping will be negotiable.  For everybody’s peace of mind, I'd prefer some kind of personal delivery or collection agreement depending on location, but I could courier it if that wasn't practical.  
    • By alinbassplayer
      Hey guys, so up for sale is another one of my basses, this one is a very old Godman(?) electro acoustic bass, it's in a bit of a state, i got it in far worse state tbh, cleaned it up and had an attempt to make it a fretless, only to realize i am not great at this, also never got round to learning so i just left it like that. 
      I think the fretboard is rosewood, i don;t know what strings those are on it, it was very long ago and they might be electric bass strings.
      So with the exception of the frets being taken off, the neck is, obviously, a little bent because of the lack of frets, also it was way more bent when i got it, managed to straighten it a bit.
      Initially i think who had it first either spilled something on itor tried to clean it and it was quite tarnished, so i cleaned it up a bit and also sanded off the godman logo on the headstock, so looks like a no-name.
      The piezo under the bridge only works for 2 of 4 strings, if i remember correctly it's for the top 2, someone recommended i shove something under the piezo for those 2 strings that don;t work and the pressure would help, never tried it, but the preamp works otherwise.
      I think i might have a gig bag for it, but i don;t think it's usable, or it might just be it's for an acoustic guitar. so comes as is, for £15 you do get a semi usable acoustic bass, if you have the time to put into this you might actually make it usable.
      Basically it's taking up space, i'm not using it and i think someone else could benefit from this, even if you just fix it and give it to charity, still a good idea, i just don't have the time to do that.
      I have a few snaps of this

    • By Dirty Soul
      Please note, the bass is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. I will ship to EU countries. Please contact me first  
      Selling my Corvette unlined Fretless 5. 
      Turns out I’m not as good at fretless playing as I imagined so this just isn’t getting used. A real shame but I have my eye on something else. 
      Made in Germany in 2008. Bubinga body, Ovangkol neck with ebony fingerboard, with minimal markings. 
      Natural oil finish and carefully treated weekly with the Warwick wax. (Included in sale)
      Passive electronics with volume, pick-up blend and tone controls. I was very surprised by the variety of sounds that come out of those controls! MEC dynamic correction pups.
      Currently strung with Rotosound 45-130 flatwounds. 
      Weight is 6kg.
      Includes Warwick Rockbag, surface finishing wax and truss rod tool. 
      Open to reasonable offers.
      Buyer to collect from Copenhagen, Denmark or can post within the EU at buyers expense.

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